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Is Cancer Really A Cause of Death?

Dr. Michael Farley discusses his findings as a forensic pathologist. After doing many autopsies on cancer patients, he found that most, if not all died from something other than the cancer itself. But cancer is almost always listed as the cause of death.

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This Explanation of Cancer Will Blow You Away!

In this incredible interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz explains how cancer starts in the body. He also explains why the immune system often leaves cancer cells alone as well as what the cancer is actually trying to do to protect the body.

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Cancer is Not a Disease, This is What's Happening Instead!

In this video from 2009, Andreas Moritz discusses his belief that cancer is not a disease, but is simply a survival mechanism. He says the body allows cancer, tumors and other diseases to happen in order to compensate for an underlying problem.

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The Doctor Said His Daughter Would Die, What He Did Next Was Remarkable!

Mark Schauss is an expert in toxicity and has studied it for years. A diagnosis his daughter got started his search. Find out what the doctor told him when his daughter came down with unexplained conditions and what he did next to do what the doctor couldn't.

Time: 8:22   Views: 5795

This Doctor Hates Statin Drugs, Wait Until You Hear Why!

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses cholesterol lowering statin drugs and their effect on the entire body. Find out why she does not like these drugs and what sort of benefit these drugs might have compared to potential risk factors.

Time: 6:46   Views: 8250

L-Arginine: The Miracle Molecule

Dr. Alexander Schauss goes through what the amino acid L-Arginine is and its many roles in the body.

Time: 8:36   Views: 377949

These 4 Supplements Are Recommended for Almost Everybody

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum discusses vitamins and supplements. He suggests a few that he recommends to almost anybody. Find out exactly what those are and how they may be different than what you are taking.

Time: 1:53   Views: 5453

URGENT: You Must Know This About Blood Pressure Medications!

Are blood pressure medications overly prescribed? Wait until you hear what Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum has to say about it. It might change the way you look at the medication. He also mentions some natural ways to lower blood pressure and it has nothing to do with salt intake! Find out why.

Time: 2:20   Views: 6640

Men's Sexual Health Helped by L-Arginine

Dr. Alexander Schauss details how men's sexual health is benefited by L-Arginine.

Time: 3:18   Views: 316518

Signs You Might Have Candida!

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum discusses the signs and symptoms that might indicate you have candida overgrowth. He also mentions some natural treatments for candida. He also mentions four kinds of sugar addiction and how you can naturally beat that.

Time: 4:45   Views: 5516

Heart Attacks are Not 'Sudden', Here is What to Look For!

Can heart attacks be 'sudden'? In this interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz says no, unless it's from a rare event. But he says most heart attacks are the result of many other health problems that have gone unchecked.

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Fight Aging with L-Arginine

Dr. Alexander Schauss on how L-Arginine impacts aging.

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80-90% of Cancers Are Preventable

Dr. John Salerno discusses cancer and its relationship to insulin and nutrition. He says based on current data, most cancers are preventable. Find out how insulin and carbohydrates may play a big role!

Time: 1:44   Views: 4333

Find Out the Shocking Main Reason for High Cholesterol Halfway Through This!

In this interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz discusses gallstones and their relationship to the gallbladder as well as the liver. He also discusses how they are directly related to cholesterol levels in the blood!

Time: 7:10   Views: 5656

Everyone Should Stop Eating These Four Foods!

Dr. Peter Glidden opens the interview discussing the growing number of anti-depressant prescriptions. The discussion leads to the reason for the increased number of prescriptions and finally four foods he says to stop eating immediately as they could be the cause to so many negative health conditions.

Time: 11:16   Views: 519447

Dr. Roizen Explains 4 Things That Can Prevent Chronic Disease!

Dr. Michael Roizen discusses some of the current health care issues in this country and what needs to happen to start seeing improved overall health. Dr. Roizen also mentions four things that could prevent chronic disease and improve the health and financial status of the country.

Time: 5:51   Views: 4686

You're at Risk of These Conditions if You're Vitamin D Deficient!

In this interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz discusses light therapy. He mentions how many lifestyles make us deficient in vitamin d. He also talks about the danger of canola oil and how there is a lack of proof that the sun causes skin cancer.

Time: 7:50   Views: 4370

Drug Companies Absolutely Don't Want This!

Former pharmaceutical sales representative Gwen Olsen, says the pharmaceutical industry isn't trying to heal anyone. She says the industry and companies have one goal. Guess what that is?!

Time: 2:21   Views: 5504

Forget What You Think, This is Really What Causes Heart Disease

Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses heart health in this video. Find out what cholesterol really does and what instead is the main underlying problem when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Also find out what deficiencies are common in heart health issues and what you can do to help your heart!

Time: 4:05   Views: 5266

Reduce 80% of Your Body's Toxins in 3 Weeks With These Tips!

Almost everyone has a buildup of toxins in their body. It's hard to avoid today. What can that buildup lead to? A number of health conditions. But Dr. Walter Crinnion is an expert on the topic. He mentions a couple of things you can do to drastically reduce the amount of toxic overload and potentially get yourself healthier!

Time: 8:29   Views: 223219

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I've Ever Heard!

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the potential connection between vaccines and autism. It's a hotly-debated topic. Here she gets specific into what ingredient in the vaccine may be linked to autism and other conditions. Find out what her research has found. You may think differently after watching this!

Time: 8:19   Views: 135496

Microwaves Damage Food, But Something Worse Revealed at 1:05 of This Video

Dr. Mark Vinick explains how microwave ovens damage the food you're about to eat by cooking it violently and damaging the molecules in the food. Find out how that can directly affect your overall health!

Time: 2:37   Views: 20918

Hear What this Doctor Thinks About Coconut Oil!

Dr. John Salerno discusses coconut oil and what we know today about the potential benefits. He also discusses a section in his book called 'foods to adore and foods to abhor.' Find out which foods are on that list!

Time: 1:14   Views: 6626

This Explanation of the Mercury/Autism Connection Will Blow You Away!

There is plenty of discussion about the potential autism connection to vaccines and the mercury that is in them. Dr. Gary Kohls discusses that connection and has an incredible explanation as to what might be triggering the condition at an alarming rate!

Time: 7:42   Views: 4387

4 Simple, Natural Solutions for High Blood Pressure!

High blood pressure is a serious condition and one that has a number of prescription drugs available. But are there more natural ways to keep it under control? Dr. Jonathan V. Wright discusses four key things that can be used to naturally get blood pressure under control!

Time: 15:55   Views: 213998

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