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5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Risk of Cancer

Dr. Heather Paulson discusses a program she designed to help people reduce their risk of getting cancer. Find out what is contained in those five steps and what you can do to help your odds of avoiding the condition!

Time: 3:03   Views: 389

Just How Dangerous Are EMFs? Watch This!

Everything in the home and workplace is wireless these days. But just how much electromagnetic frequencies is your body exposed to and what does that do to your overall health? Dr. Walter Crinnion discusses the effect EMFs play in the toxic load on the body.

Time: 3:08   Views: 641

Qi Gong Helpful for Cancer and Other Conditions

Dr. Judith Boice explains how qi gong can help people with cancer and other chronic conditions. Find out what research has shown, in terms of improvement in these conditions.

Time: 1:36   Views: 394

How Do You Handle Stress? Your Health Depends On It!

Dr. Doni Wilson discusses stress and how everyone handles different stressors differently. Find out some of the different ways stress can affect different systems of the body and, in turn, overall health.

Time: 2:28   Views: 609

A 'War on Cancer' is Focusing on The Wrong Thing!

Dr. Heather Paulson discusses the so-called 'war on cancer'. She explains why she thinks this phrase needs to be shelved for a better representation of what cancer really is. Find out why she thinks the focus needs to change.

Time: 1:39   Views: 1024

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