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Recent Studies Show Relora's Effective in Managing Mood and Stress

Deanne Dolnick discusses recent trials for the natural supplement Relora. She mentions some of the benefits that were found in the studies as well as how they studies were run.

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What You Thought About the Cause of Cavities is Wrong!

Ramiel Nagel discusses the true cause of tooth decay and cavities in this video. Ramiel wrote a book titled Cure Tooth Decay. In it he mentions the true cause of cavities and the actual role that sugar and bacteria play.

Time: 2:00   Views: 2196

Confused About Protein? This Might Be a Better Option!

There are so many protein products on the market, how do you know which might be best? Dr. Puya Yazdi discusses the benefits of goat whey protein and compares it to other proteins. Find out why it might be a better option than others!

Time: 4:55   Views: 1223

A More Sustainable Source of Omega-3

When you think of omega-3 supplements, fish oil or some other marine animal come to mind. But Sam Couture discusses what he calls a more sustainable and just as beneficial form of omega-3 supplement.

Time: 2:46   Views: 1423

A Natural Option for Stress and Weight Management

Deanne Dolnick discusses the natural supplement Relora and how it may help not only help the body deal with stress, but also help with weight management as well.

Time: 1:31   Views: 646

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