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Breathe Better Without Even Thinking About It!

There is a better way to breathe. Dr. Brad Lichtenstein discusses why there are better ways. The key is trying to learn these methods so that you're not even thinking about and they become automatic. Dr. Lichtenstein discusses those steps here.

Time: 4:05   Views: 2105

Go Gluten Free and Recover From This!

Dr. Peter Glidden is a big proponent of dropping gluten from the diet. Here, he discusses the internal benefits of removing gluten and what the body can do in terms of repair once it's gone. You might be amazed at how you can recover!

Time: 1:51   Views: 4092

4 Tips to Better Breathing You've Probably Never Thought Of!

Dr. Brad Lichtenstein is an expert in functional breathing. Find out how you are likely causing your body to work harder by breathing improperly. Dr. Lichtenstein also discusses how functional breathing can help heal the body in a number of ways!

Time: 13:08   Views: 1874

You Won't Believe How This Well-Known Politician got Aspartame Approved!

How dangerous is Aspartame and why or how did it get approved by the FDA? Former pharmaceutical sales rep. Gwen Olsen talks about the history of Aspartame and the conflicts of interest that surround its approval by the FDA.

Time: 3:28   Views: 2045

Your Doctor Won't Tell You, But THIS Could be a Better Cancer Treatment

Dr. Michael Farley says not treating cancer can often be a better treatment than anything else. In his discussion with medical researcher Ty Bollinger, Dr. Farley talks about studies that indicate that no treatment can offer the same results as traditional treatments.

Time: 4:17   Views: 1825

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