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This Should Make Up 90% Of Our Medical Attention. Why Isn't It?

Dr. Ryan Bradley discusses the fact that the medical community is really missing one big aspect of health care. Find out what he says we should be paying much more attention to when it comes to overall health, and specifically, certain conditions. Also find out why it's not the case.

Time: 2:20   Views: 728

Chemo and Radiation Can Deplete You of These Essential Nutrients!

Dr. Corey Schuler discusses traditional cancer treatments and what they do in terms of depleting the body of nutrients. Find out what key vitamins and minerals are affected most. Also find out why you need to have a professional help you when trying to boost your levels!

Time: 2:11   Views: 406

These Events and Vaccines Can Cause Cancer

Dr. Cal Streeter describes how emotional and traumatic events can lead to cancer, especially in people over 25 years of age. Dr. Streeter also explains how those younger than 25 get cancer.

Time: 3:59   Views: 793

Meditation is Probably Not What You Think and You Can Do It!

Dr. Brad Lichtenstein discusses meditation and how most of us do it every day and may not even realize it. Find out how you can find time to do it and what some of the benefits are.

Time: 4:10   Views: 689

Advice For Finding An Alternative Cancer Treatment

Dr. Peter Glidden says if you don't choose traditional options for cancer treatment, finding something else can be difficult, and that, he says, is a problem. Find out what he advises and what you can be doing to improve your health as you search for alternative options.

Time: 2:24   Views: 812

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