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Try This Natural Solution for Allergy Relief!

Allergy medications can have plenty of side effects. If you want to try some alternatives or maybe take less medication, Dr. Benoit Tano has a simple tip to help relieve symptoms and make allergies easier to manage.

Time: 2:17   Views: 131

This Is the Most Important Antioxidant

Dr. Don Colbert clears up some antioxidant confusion. He discusses what he calls the 'most important antioxidant' and explains why that is the case. Find out cellular health and how this antioxidant is so much better and different than others you might be familiar with.

Time: 2:18   Views: 304

This Children's Condition is an 'Epidemic of Biblical Porportions' and This is the Cause!

Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the ever growing trend of kids on prescription medications for behavior. He explains the root causes of the kids attention and behavior issues and why so many prescription drugs are being consumed by kids. You won't believe the root of the problem, but it's easily fixable!

Time: 6:04   Views: 205

This Often Overlooked Issue Can Increase Chances of Heart Attack, Stroke or More!

There certainly seems to be a connection to those conditions and an often forgotten aspect of overall health. Dr. Diane Meyer lists some examples of the relationship and how this can affect health all over the body.

Time: 4:44   Views: 521

Drug Ads Promote This Dangerous Cultural Myth. When Will it End?

Direct to consumer advertising has fueled what Dr. Peter Glidden calls a cultural myth that is damaging our overall health. Find out why this kind of advertising continues to reinforce something that Dr. Glidden says is dangerous.

Time: 2:33   Views: 541

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