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A Mercury Free Option of Omega-3 Supplements

Mercury and other toxicity is always a concern when it comes to fish oil supplements. Sam Couture discusses another option that is free of mercury toxicity. He also discusses the bioavailability of the product.

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Get Familiar with the Benefits of a Biological Dentist

Dr. Diane Meyer discusses the many differences between a holistic dentist and what most people consider a 'traditional' dentist. Find out why you might want to consider a holistic dentist to help improve your overall health.

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Can These Natural Products Really Help Your Teeth?

You might be surprised what Ramiel Nagel recommends for proper dental health in his recent book. Find out what he thinks about the benefits of supplements, whole foods and specifically calcium. You might be surprised!

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How Nitric Oxide Benefits Cardiovascular System

Nitric oxide plays a key role in heart and blood vessel health. Hans van der Saag explains the role it plays as well as what endothelial function is and why that is important.

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Gut Health Can Affect Mental Health!

Can your diet and the health of your gut really affect your brain and mental health? Clinical nutritionist Kim Schuette discusses the connection and how it relates to the GAPS diet. She also discusses a potential cause of autism! Find out what that could be!

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