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You Won't Believe What Toxins Many Dentists Still Use!

Mercury is still used in dentistry today, but why? Dr. Diane Meyer has one answer based on her experience. Find out what other dentists think and why. You may be surprised what your dentist is still doing!

Time: 2:08   Views: 142

A 'Whole Spectrum' Approach to Late Stage Conditions

Dr. Judith Boice discusses her philosophy in treating what she calls late-stage diseases, such as cancer. She discusses the benefits of adding things to traditional treatments and how they can compliment the treatments.

Time: 3:51   Views: 89

FACT: Vitamins and Supplements Are Beneficial

Dr. Peter Glidden counters recent arguments that vitamins and supplements are nothing but a waste of money. Dr. Glidden explains the science and research behind the benefits and says those saying otherwise are using bad science.

Time: 3:04   Views: 1012

How Do You Recognize Autism? Start Here!

What sort of symptoms are typical of autism? That's a tough question, but Ginger Taylor discusses things you might want to look for to help recognize autism, as well as where you can get more answers.

Time: 6:13   Views: 367

Who Decides To Put Toxic Fluoride In Your Water?

Fluoride is in the drinking water of a strong majority of communities in this country. But who decides that? Professor Paul Connett discusses the political side of water fluoridation and when it becomes toughest for citizens to make a change in their own drinking water!

Time: 2:12   Views: 840

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