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Taking Multiple Prescriptions? You Should Know This!

Dr. Walter Crinnion discusses the issue of taking more than one prescription or over-the-counter drug. He discusses what they can do inside your body and how they may add to an already toxic load in your system.

Time: 1:42   Views: 162

You Won't Believe the Reasons Dentists Still Use This!

This toxic substance is still used in dentistry across the country? The question is, why? Dr. David Kennedy explains why it's been used for decades and why it's still being used in dental practices.

Time: 4:03   Views: 296

This is a Main Trigger for Autoimmune Conditions

In the fourth segment of an eight part interview, Dr. Jennifer Landa discusses one of the main reasons for the increase in autoimmune conditions over the last 20 years. Find out how what you're putting into your body could end up triggering your immune system and making you sick!

Time: 3:56   Views: 895

You Won't Believe How Big Pharma Targets Kids for Profits!

Gwen Olsen is a former pharmaceutical sales representative. Here she discusses a popular class of drug, antidepressants and antipsychotics. She explains how those drugs have been opened to a larger group of people, like kids, and what some of the many dangerous results have been.

Time: 4:36   Views: 735

Here is Where Low Carb Diets Ultimately Fail

Dr. Michael Greger explains where the low-carb diets fail and the science behind it. Is there some short term benefit though? Find out what Dr. Greger thinks about the low carb lifestyle and why he says it's not sustainable.

Time: 4:36   Views: 816

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