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You Probably Need More Protein In Your Diet

Dr. Puya Yazdi discusses the typical American diet and how it has changed over the years. He mentions the relative lack of protein in today's diet and how many people likely need more.

Time: 1:26   Views: 1160

How to Produce Algae for Omega-3 Benefit

Sam Couture discusses production and harvesting of algae that is used later for omega-3 supplements. Find out how quality control is maintained as well as other production and harvesting procedures.

Time: 6:53   Views: 450

The Average Baby Has HOW MANY Chemicals in Their Body?

Kim Schuette discusses the toxicity of mercury from dental fillings. She also mentions a study that revealed a shocking statistic when it comes to toxins in the body!

Time: 1:30   Views: 887

Recent Studies Show Relora's Effective in Managing Mood and Stress

Deanne Dolnick discusses recent trials for the natural supplement Relora. She mentions some of the benefits that were found in the studies as well as how they studies were run.

Time: 1:52   Views: 886

What You Thought About the Cause of Cavities is Wrong!

Ramiel Nagel discusses the true cause of tooth decay and cavities in this video. Ramiel wrote a book titled Cure Tooth Decay. In it he mentions the true cause of cavities and the actual role that sugar and bacteria play.

Time: 2:00   Views: 3171

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