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See These Results With ONDAMED

Dr. Silvia Binder discusses what patients actually feel when they go through an ONDAMED treatment. She also discusses what some common results are after treatments.

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We Could Live a Healthier, Cleaner Life and it's Easy!

Chris Kilham, the Mecidine Hunter, explains how business needs to be more about meeting human needs and less about money. He discusses how people should think humanely and grow happily rather than looking solely at profits.

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Have Trouble With Gluten? This is How You Know

Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses gluten and how it may affect your body. He has a couple tips on how to tell if you might have a gluten sensitivity. He also explains the connection between gluten and the thyroid and what you need to know about how it affects your health.

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The Doctor Said His Daughter Would Die, What He Did Next Was Remarkable!

Mark Schauss is an expert in toxicity and has studied it for years. A diagnosis his daughter got started his search. Find out what the doctor told him when his daughter came down with unexplained conditions and what he did next to do what the doctor couldn't.

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Heart Attacks are Not 'Sudden', Here is What to Look For!

Can heart attacks be 'sudden'? In this interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz says no, unless it's from a rare event. But he says most heart attacks are the result of many other health problems that have problem gone unchecked.

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