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Surgery As a Cancer Treatment? As Long As This Happens Too!

Dr. Heather Paulson discusses surgery as a treatment option for cancer. While she agrees it's not getting to the root cause, she says it can be a benefit if some other things are done correctly. Listen to her unique analogy and see what you think about this option!

Time: 2:43   Views: 30

Know What Foods Are Alkalizing and Get Them Into Your Diet!

Dr. Corey Schuler discusses the pH balance in the body and what foods might be best. Know what foods are 'alkalizing' which may be different than you think. Find out why these foods are better for the body and especially those people fighting cancer.

Time: 3:23   Views: 91

Gluten: It's a Real Problem and Getting Worse, Here's Why!

Is gluten just the next fad in food or is it a real issue? Dr. Walter Crinnion discusses this and cites a study that reveals the shocking answer. Find out why it's become a hot topic and what can happen if more people just went gluten-free.

Time: 6:09   Views: 873

You Thought You Understood Acid/Alkaline Diet... Until You Saw This!

Is alkalizing your body through diet as great as we hear? What about an acidic diet? How does the body respond to that? Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the pH balance and how the body regulates it. He also discusses the theory that cancer can't grow in an alkaline environment. You might be surprised what you hear!

Time: 5:15   Views: 1743

You Need Cholesterol, Not Dangerous Statin Drugs!

Statin drugs, prescribed to lower cholesterol and control cardiovascular health, can actually cause more harm to your body. Lowering cholesterol can put you at risk and can cause you to develop cancer, according to Andreas Moritz. He says it can't be proven that cholesterol causes heart disease.

Time: 7:39   Views: 720

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