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No Time to De-Stress? Try This!

Dr. Doni Wilson discusses the struggles many people face trying to take time out of the day to relax and avoid stress. She has some tips on how to incorporate these healthy breaks into an already full daily schedule!

Time: 1:28   Views: 372

Discover the Benefits of Chocolate!

Much has been made of the potential health benefits of chocolate. Dr. Puya Yazdi discusses how chocolate may provide health benefits and what the compounds in chocolate actually do.

Time: 2:10   Views: 381

Use Caution When Detoxifying Mercury From the Body!

If you have mercury fillings removed, you're likely not done getting mercury out of the body. Dr. Diane Meyer talks about some of the best ways to help the body rid itself of built up toxins, especially mercury.

Time: 4:23   Views: 329

Why Wait to Choose Natural Medicine?

So many people only try natural medicine only after other avenues have failed them. Dr. Judith Boice discusses the types of patients she's seen. She says there are often two kinds of patients that choose natural medicine. Are you one of those?

Time: 1:36   Views: 368

Is This a Safer, More Effective Alternative to Mammograms?

Dr. Lena Edwards talks about the effectiveness of breast thermography. Find out how the procedure is done and how effective it might be in detection of breast cancer.

Time: 2:24   Views: 485

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