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Dr Bob DeMaria: Hello, my name is doctor Bob DeMaria, and today I want to talk to you about your emotional health.  It has been estimated that nearly 18 to 20 percent of the people that are living in the United States today, have issues with depression.  Did you wake up this morning depressed?  Did you go to bed depressed last night?

It is actually really comforting to know that there are things that you can do that will help make a difference.  Because I know that some of you are on medications and I want to tell you right now, the purpose of me conversing with you right now is not to get off your medications, its to educate you on how you can help improve your emotional health.  

What I've learned from my experience, and I've been practicing since 1978, that emotional health really starts from your younger years.  And we have learned over time, there are obviously very many reasons to have highs and lows.  An area that I have really found a lot is how important oil is for your brain.  You see brain is made up of fat, and there is a lot of types of fat out there.  The omega-3 fats, create a long term fat called DHA, that's Delta, Harry, Apple.  DHA is important for optimal brain function.  I have patients that come in to the office all the time and we start conversing and maybe do a few different blood tests to determine their fat levels and make appropriate dietary modifications and protocols to improve the oil in their body.  

You know, it's kind of interesting, is that walnuts are shaped like a brain.  Kind of interesting, isn't it?  They are a great source of the omega-3 fat.  I would consume some walnuts on a regular basis.  Walnuts are important.

When you look at the brain itself, the brain is a mass of electricity, and I just love using this phosphorus lamp because we work as electricians in our body.  Our brain is constantly sending messages down, so I know your brain needs a few items.  Your body needs water.  So I'm not saying you're going to be depressed because you don't have enough water.  But if you're dehydrated, it can impact how your body functions.  I know, also what affects your brain is some of you are on the rat race of life.  You have too much stress in your life.  And I don't know if you realize or not, but stress creates an acid pH in your body.  And acid pH takes out minerals.  Minerals impact how your brain functions.  So your brain and your emotions are impacted by your everyday activities, the food that you're consuming. 

Here's a final thought.  Your liver, the oil filter in your body, has everything to do with anger.  Did you ever drive down the road and someone is eating a sandwich here and dipping some fries over here and they're talking on the telephone, and you drive by and they're shaking their fist at you.  It's called road rage.  Well, people who have comprimised liver function tend to have more anger than those that do not. 

Let me give you a few drugless action steps.  If you are not consuming any oil right now, probably would be a good idea to start.  Maybe even some flax oil, any kind of omega-3 oil, over time, I know is going to help improve emotional health.  Make sure you get to bed by ten o'clock, that's really, really important.  Drink water, water from a pure source.  I'm doctor Bob DeMaria, The Drugless Doctor.


Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses emotional health in this video. Find out what underlying factors can affect your mood and emotional health. Also find out what simple steps you can take to get back to feeing better mentally and emotionally!
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