ADD Medications Could Lead to These Problems Later!

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Scott: Talk a little bit about those medications that people or have their kids on for ADHD and symptoms like that.  What do those medications do if they continue the poor diet that they have.  What does that do to the body?

Dr. Bob DeMaria: Well, that's really a very good question because the medical community believes, they really believe... I believe that they believe that ADHD is a lack of that medication.  So lets use ritalin for an example.  It's a stimulant.  They don't even know why it works, they just know that it does just contrary to what it's supposed to do.  It really slows the body down.  Clonidine does just basically the same thing.  I believe it was originally developed as a blood pressure medication.  It can stunt growth.  It could cause kids to have ferocious appetites.  At the same time it could cause kids not to eat.  Statistically kids who are on ritalin or any of these medications will try and use drugs more than kids who are not.  

They have done statistical research on it, I believe the US Government will not even allow a child into the military if they are on any kind of those medications.  They also have a greater potential to have chronic infections.  Don't make wise choices when it comes to work.  So then what happens to them... think about the emotional dependency on a medication.  If you're four years old and you're taking a drug to slow you down a little bit, for the rest of your life, you're thoroughly convinced... that it's almost like this entitlement mentality.  That it's nothing wrong with me, it's all about what I need.  It's all about what's going on, what medication do I need.  So we teach wellness from the inside out.  Your body heals from above down, inside out.  You cannot put enough medication...

I think that what really hurts me more than anything is that they have a shortage, a shortage of medications called Adderall recently.  A shortage.  25 million prescriptions recently were given, written in the United States alone for ADHD kids.  5 million kids have ADHD.  ADHD kids, this is going to sound kind of silly, become ADHD adults.  ADHD adults usually have ADHD kids.  And the reason is, they eat from the same trough.  So if mom is taking Paxil, Prozac and Wellbutrin, child comes up and they're getting... and I've also seen this happening, we have some teachers today who are impatient with their kids that have these challenges, but these kids... see the game has changed.  The way we teach kids has changed!  So these kids often times... if you have a kid that is really super intelligent, and you're giving them the wrong kind of oil, their brain is going to go into shutdown.  You've got to feed them the exact right oil so their body is going to function at 100 percent.  Those medications are going to cause dependance on more medications, down the line from now. 


Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses the long term risk of continued use of prescription drugs for ADD and ADHD. Find out what dangers that could lead to down the road, not only for that child but also their children as well!

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