Apricot Kernels Kill Cancer Cells

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Interviewer: You mention apricot seeds as one of the treatments that you used. And laetrile comes from that, but can you describe the difference? I was mistaken a little bit there, but describe the difference and maybe in your research how it works.

Tamara St. John: Well the apricot kernels, they had discovered that it heals cancer. And those people that eat like seven apricot kernels a day won't get cancer. So, it's the hydrogen cyanide where it only targets the cancer cells, the rogue cells, and leaves the good cells alone. And this is found in things like, you know, apricot kernels and plum seeds and apple seeds, so things like that. But apricot kernels are the ones with the greatest concentration. So, it is called amygdalin and when the man made version of this, when they extract it, and I forget what they do to it, but it transfers into laetrile. That's the one that they inject.

Interviewer: Okay.

Tamara St. John: But I don't do needles. I don't do injections. And I couldn't afford it anyways. So, I was just doing the apricot kernel. So I actually would take the kernel and I would put them in a Ziploc bag every day and crack them open with a hammer and try to extract the kernel from the shell. And then I would grind it up in a coffee grinder and put it in some unsweetened apple sauce and just eat it, because they're horrible. They're very, very bitter.

Interviewer: Right.

Tamara St. John: Yeah. Just not a good taste. But, you know, it works. So I was eating those throughout the day as well.

Interviewer: Can you get too many of those? Can you eat too much of those? 

Tamara St. John: Yeah. It's usually recommended it's one seed per ten pounds of body weight.


Tamara St. John treated her own breast cancer. One of the therapies she used was consuming apricot kernels. Here she talks about the success she had and how the natural cyanide in the kernel helps kill cancer cells.

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