Are There Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer?

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Interviewer: So when it comes to prostate cancer, are there early warning signs? You mentioned the symptoms are hard to determine.

Dr. Phranq Tamburri: Well, that really hits the key of this debate of what is prostate cancer? You see, you're asking the question as if prostate cancer as most cancers and I'll answer it that way first so I don't get this too belabored. Most cancers are discovered when they've already spread to the body. They're stage four. Stage four prostate cancer gives you these types of symptoms. First, what normally would happen, is the man would start to feel some lower back pain. Then, they would go to the doctor and they would say, "Oh, you're just getting old. It's arthritis." Then it would start to go to the hip, "Oh, you're getting even older now. Worse arthritis." Then, the wife starts yelling at him because he's not taking the trash out, he's not doing his fair share and he's looking pale. He has no energy. Again, doctor would say, "Oh, you're just getting old." What's happening is this cancer would start to spread from the prostate, it would spread to the lower back. The sacrum. Then it moves its way up the lumbar, hence, the pain. Then into the ischial tuberosity, which are the hip bones. Every time it does that, it gets into a larger part of bone marrow. It eats up the bone marrow for food. It just loves it. It's like a kid in a candy store. By doing so, you lose red blood cells. You lose red blood cells, you become anemic and you lose energy. That's really how this would progress for a lot of men. But still, doctors couldn't tell what was causing it. They kind of new it was not good. Then one day, the patient goes to the bathroom and he pees blood. That tended to be the nail in the coffin of what the problem was. That's how this thing progressed typically. That's the level of what you hear about with other types of cancers. The thing with prostate cancer is, because of the PSA that we discussed earlier that has so many false leads, and it's leading to over diagnoses of prostate cancers that are not the kind to kill you. As you probably know, most prostate cancer does not kill you. Most of them are poodles. The problem is some of them are a pit bull and we don't know which ones they are. If you have a poodle form, then the question, turning it around on you, is, "How do you know you have a poodle form?" You don't. That's the problem. It just hangs out, you may not know you have it. The rest of your life you may not know. Statistically, most men have these cancers and never know they died with it.

Dr. Phranq Tamburri discusses the difficulty in recognizing symptoms of prostate cancer. Find out why it's so hard and why it's hard to determine if you should or maybe even shouldn't treat the cancer if it's found.

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