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Lyle: For years, we were told possibly that there could be some problems that come from living near a telephone line or an electrical line, a major line that, you know, feeds a community.  I don't think people gave much thought to it.  But it seems that it's something that we might better know about because of the fact that if the phones can do this, what kind of danger is to being close to those on a regular basis, all day, all night?

Dr. Kerry Crofton: Yes.  Well there's two concerns.  One is with the cell tower antennas.  And yes, there is evidence that the closer you live to these, the more risk there is for a host of health problems.  And also the high voltage power lines.  That's been known for some time, the proximity incidents increased in childhood leukemia.  So the data shows that within 400 meters, which is about 1200 feet, there is really a cause for concern.  So again, proximity.  So distance yourself, as much as you can, from a cell tower antennae or high voltage power lines.  And we really need to work with our legislators, and regulatory agencies.  Cell tower antennas should be no where near a children's school.  We should not be putting these on top of hospitals.  And if we have high power voltage lines within our communities, we really need to look at what the concerns are and to look for safer solutions to that.

Lyle: Thank you.

Crofton: Thank you.


If you live near a high voltage power line or a cell tower, are you or your family at risk for various health conditions? Dr. Kerry Crofton discusses this issue. She offers some suggestions and warnings if about being close to these objects. Find out if you are at risk living near these!

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