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Q: Tanya, can you explain what Fortagel is?

A: Fortagel is a special bio active collagen peptides which are optimized for joint health, improved joint health and mobility. 

Q: And when a lot of people take supplements, they want to know what it's doing. How does it work exactly once we take it?

A: So once Fortagel is already consumed, it actually reaches the blood stream. It's digested and absorbed in the small intestine. It goes into the blood stream. It reaches the target organ which is joint cartilage and there is stimulates the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans which is the major component of joint cartilage. 

Q: And why is that good? Why is that a thing that we want?

A: We want it because you need cartilage. Cartilage actually covers your joints and prevents the bones from rubbing together. And this really enables you to be active and to move. And if you have healthy joint cartilage, you have quality of life.

Q: When people take supplements, I think one of the main things they want to know is how long it will take before they can see results. What about Fortagel? How long will that take to work?

A: Studies have shown that people taking Fortagel for two to three months see benefits and the benefits are reduced pain, increased mobility. So starting two to three months after oral consumption of Fortagel. 

Q: You mentioned some studies. Can you talk about some of the results of the studies that you've seen, that you've done on Fortagel?

A: Yeah, sure. Fortagel is a very well researched product. There are many, many clinical trials which have been conducted over several years with nearly 3,000 study participants. And in all these studies, we have seen three major outcomes. One is increased mobility. Second one is reduced pain. And the third one is reduced use of alternative treatments such as ice packs or massage or pain killers, whatever you do to take the joint pain away. 

Q: When people are shopping for joint health products, there are hundreds of thousands of different products out there. How is Fortagel different from so many of those other common ones that we hear about?

A: Fortagel is actually the next generation of joint health supplement. Looking at other solutions in the market, they do a great job for pain reduction or working on the inflammation that comes as a side effect of osteoarthritis, while Fortagel has been scientifically proven to stimulate cartilage renewal. And so it actually is tackling the root cause of joint pain, so it's a nice addition in the toolbox of joint health treatments.

Q: What's a beneficial amount, a daily dose of Fortagel that people can see results from, from your research anyway, that you've seen?

A: Our studies indicate (?) a daily dose of 10 grams.
Many people are searching for natural solutions to support joint health. Tonja Lipp discusses some of the benefits of Fortigel when it comes to joint health and how it works in our body.

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