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Lyle: Let me ask you another question.  What about plant sterols?

Jim LaValle: I love plant sterols.  That's another one, I've lectured about plant sterols and sterol glucosides. There's a couple different categories of plant sterols. People will hear plant sterols and they'll go 'oh the cholesterol lowering stuff.' Right? Like the butter that's out that lowers

cholesterol, is a plant sterol. So plant sterol glucosides, I think, are.. you know they were first brought into the market and everybody was talking about them for the immune system for just what I said 'oh, it's going to help you with colds and flu' that kind of thing. But what's more important every chronic illness that we know for the most part, has an immune component now. We know the immune system is sending out too many inflammatory compounds, either it's attacking and causing inflammation in your arteries or inflammation in your brain or inflammation in your tissues, or it's actually attacking your tissues. Say for example, thyroiditis, where your immune system goes and attacks your thyroid gland.

So, using plant sterols, you know the plant sterol glucosides, I think are essential for people today, because I don't know how people's immune systems aren't getting assaulted on a daily basis. I gotta tell you and this is the honest to God's truth. My son has been on Moducare, which is a plant sterol glucoside. They have a chewable form in kids, so since the age of 2. He's 10 years old. He's never been to the doctor for a cold or flu or bacterial strep. He absolutely recovers from, when he does get a bug and 48 hours he's getting over it. And I really believe it's because first of all we make sure he gets good rest, and he does have to be active and exercise and he has learned how to eat good, whole foods, and enjoy them as a young child without forcing him. But more importantly, I firmly believe, the plant sterol glucosides in Moducare, and I've done it for a lot of my other patients, my pediatric patients in our practice as well. It's one of the best things I've ever seen to feed the immune system and counter balance those shifts that occur due to environmental illness, stress and other issues that take our immune system, just aging, out of it's optimum performance.

Lyle: I hate to always be vouching for these things, but one of the beauties of it is, if you have something like whether it's herpes that comes out every time you get stressed, cold sores or whatever it might be. It was recommended to me that I take Moducare, and I thought ehh... but I work with all you folks that are in this business and I started to take it. And interestingly enough, it is the only thing in my adult life that has completely wiped out that problem. It certainly does something to take care of that particular aspect of your healthy immune system.

LaValle: Well, Lyle, I mean you know, I talk about whatever the best products on the market are because I do research, I consult with a lot of different companies. I don't support any one company or involved in any one company. So, I like to think that I have a fairly unbiased, although from the standpoint that I'm an advocate for natural products because I'm so excited. Over the last 30 years of using natural products, what I have seen, just like you. For you to be able to overcome cold sores and herpes outbreaks, just by the simple use of a dietary supplement. I'm telling you right now there's no drug that does that.

Lyle: I'm sure that's true and...

LaValle: I just know from working with patients, it just doesn't happen. That's the beauty of natural products and the beauty of a product like Moducare. I think the more important thing on Moducare is that people need to think of it as a food and you're taking it as a maintenance. Because this conversation started off with 'what are the important things you do, day in and day out'? Well, you've got to feed your immune system the support it needs to maintain the good fight on the war that's being waged on the environment and stress and gosh these economic times. Right? Even these economic times, people are fearful, that creates immune shifts. You know one of the biggest things that throws off your immune systems is stress. That's one of the biggest things! You look at a diabetics blood sugar numbers. You can see exactly...I can tell them when they were under stress. I say 'oh you must've had a period of stress these last three weeks here'. How did you know that? Well, your blood sugar went up 20 points at baseline. That's how powerful it is. And that's how it affects your immune system too.


Dr. James LaValle discusses different types of plant sterols. He talks about a particular kind that can benefit immune health. He also mentions that we are all getting closer to auto-immune conditions as we age, no matter how healthy we are!

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