Can This Food Inhibit Cancer Growth?!

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Hi and welcome to what’s making headlines in natural news this week…

We all know that stress and weight are key contributors to high blood pressure… but could your gut bacteria also play a role?

Researchers in Maryland studied two sets of rats… one group had high blood pressure… one was normal.  Both had 10 days of antibiotics to reduce their natural gut bacteria.  The researchers then transplanted hypertensive microbiota to normal blood pressure rats… and normal microbiota to the hypertensive group.  Rats treated with the hypertensive microbiota developed high blood pressure… while the group given normal microbiota did not have a significant drop in blood pressure.  The group said further study was needed but the hope is for probiotics to be a future treatment option for hypertension.

More good news people who enjoy the health benefit of nuts…

New research out of Germany shows that nuts can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.  The doctors behind the study said it’s been known that substances in nuts are good for the heart… but new findings show they are also involved in activating the body’s defenses for detoxifying reactive oxygen species.  The study included macadamia nuts… hazelnuts… walnuts…almonds and pistachios.  Next… the researchers want to look at whether roasting the nuts reduces the protective effect.

Protein is an important part of our diet… but where it comes from and how much, could make a huge difference… especially to older women.

A new study out of Rhode Island shows that women over 50 who eat high-protein diets are at greater risk of heart failure… especially if a lot of that protein comes from meat.  The research found that an increase in dietary protein coincided with a significant increase in the incidence of heart failure.  The study also showed those who’s proteins came mainly from vegetables appeared to be at a lower risk of heart failure.

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In this week's edition of natural news headlines, find out what common food may inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Also learn about how your gut health may have a connection to your blood pressure. And learn about an important connection between protein intake and heart health!

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