Can Too Much Coconut Oil Be Bad?

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Interviewer: Doctor, is there any danger to consuming coconut oil? You
mentioned it's a food.
Mary T. Newport, MD: Mm-hmm.
Interviewer: Is there too much of a good thing?
Dr. Newport: Well, you could gain weight.
Interviewer: Okay.
Dr. Newport: And I think that's one thing, you know, there is some
information. Some people will tell you that you will not gain weight if you
add coconut oil to your diet. But I'm proof positive that you can gain
weight. Actually, Steve did too, you know, initially when we just added it.
It is like any other oil. All oils are around 120 calories per tablespoon.
Interviewer: Okay.
Dr. Newport Coconut oil is actually only 117 calories, but that's not very
much of a difference.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Dr. Newport: But if you add several tablespoons per day, you're adding
several hundred calories to your diet. And if you don't subtract anything,
you will gain weight, you know.
Interviewer: Okay.
Dr. Newport: So what I recommend to people is that, what we found we needed
to do was to substitute it for other fats in the diet. That was what we
started with. You know, instead of, like, we still use a little bit of
olive oil, but we were using more olive oil, you know, substituting it for
that. You can use it to replace butter.
And then cutting down on the portions of carbohydrates, maybe eliminating
some bread and reducing how much rice, pasta; those kinds of things that we
eat, you know, just to, you know, substitute calorie for calorie, you know,
the coconut oil that you're taking in.
And that's the best way to keep from gaining weight. So I think that that's
one possibility. I've had some people say that they gained weight, and
that's what I recommend to them if they find that's the case.
There seems to be so many benefits to coconut oil. But can too much of a good thing be bad for your health. Dr. Mary Newport has researched coconut oil for a number of years and she discusses the possible affects of increased amounts of coconut oil in your diet.

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