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More information this week about the connection to vitamin D and our overall health.

A recent study in Japan looked at over 33 thousand male and females and monitored vitamin D levels for an average of 16 years.  After adjusting for several cancer risk factors… the study indicated that a higher vitamin D level was associated with about a 20 percent lower risk of overall cancer in both men and women.  The numbers were slightly better for risk of liver cancer… but no association was found for lung or prostate cancer.

The authors say the results show that vitamin D may protect against the risk of cancer, but that benefit might top out at a certain vitamin D level.

New warnings about the potential effects of air pollution should concern you… especially if you have or are going to have children.

A new study out of the Netherlands connects exposure to air pollution during pregnancy to potential cognitive issues in the child during school ages.  The study showed exposure to fine particles during fetal life was associated with a thinner outer layer of the brain in several regions.  These abnormalities were connected to difficulty in regulating self-control and impulsive behavior… which is related to conditions like addictive behavior and ADHD.

The study illustrates that exposure to levels of pollution previously considered safe, could cause permanent brain damage.

Finally… if you’re looking to start a family, you may want to watch what you drink.

A new study out of Boston is indicating that drinking one or more sugary drinks a day is linked to reduced fertility… for both men and women.

The study looked at about 5 thousand men and women.  After a year, those women who drank at least one soda a day had a 25 percent lower monthly probability of conception.  The number was even higher… 33 percent lower probability of conceiving with their partner.  Researchers did not find a strong association with fruit juices or diet sodas.

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Learn what recent research suggests when it comes to vitamin d's protective health benefits. Also, find out about a danger that air pollution poses as well as certain beverages. Both are related to you having or trying to have children!

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