Cancer and Nervous System Connected!

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Scott: One of the other essentials you talk about is nerve supply.  Talk about that, how that's connected to cancer and strengthening that system.

Dr. Charles Majors: And this will make a lot of sense.  I had a patient who came in with lung cancer.  And I asked him, I said 'what do you think caused your lung cancer?'  He said 'I smoked for years, he said I eat horrible, he said I drank for years, I didn't exercise.'  I said, 'well all of those four... those four may contribute to cancer, but why is it only in your left lung?'  Think about that.  So he was smoking.  Was he only smoking in his left lung?  He only had cancer in his left lung.  He was eating bad.  Well, why didn't he get cancer in your stomach or somewhere else?  He wasn't exerc... I mean... why did it only go to one lung?  So when, so you were only breathing oxygen into your right lung and your left lung wasn't getting it?  So you have to look at nerve supply.

So, the same thing with the breast.  I woman comes in with a hormone positive breast cancer.  She has an increase of estrogen.  Well, how come it's only in your left breast?  Right?  So, why isn't it in your right breast?  You had the same hormones running through all of your blood and all over your body, right?  I ran the test, it doesn't say she has more estrogen in her left breast.  She has more estrogen everywhere.   Because each side of the body... each side has its own nerve supply.  So the brain has to send all of it's neurological responses, for my body to run, heal, function, for my heart to beat, to fight cancer, my brain has to recognize everything.  My brain sends messages down my spinal cord, through the nerves, into the organs.  So my right breast has a different nerve supply than my left breast.  So if I cut the nerves over here to my left breast, what happens to, sorry, if I cut the nerves over here to my right breast, what happens to the left breast?  Nothing.  I didn't touch that nerve.  So if there's pressure on these nerves... think about it.  An average, a normal woman, she's carrying a baby all day long, she's leaning to this right side, she's holding a baby, she's feeding a baby, she's laying wrong, she's lifting wrong.  Finally everything shifts in her spine, the nervous system, the bones shift out of place, put pressure on the nerve.  When these nerves have more interference to the right than the left, then the brain can't recognize this as much and we get cancers faster.  So in order to truly get to all the causes, we need to look at everything that could possibly do that.  That's why I always say, and teach, you test, you don't guess.  I want to know everything and put a plan together. 


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You might be surprised at the role your nerves and nervous system plays when it comes to cancer. Dr. Charles Majors discusses his own treatment and how it helped him learn about the nervous system and it's role in cancer.

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