Cancer Risk With Hormone Replacement

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Q: Doctor, when hormones change, and especially as we get a little older, we hear about re-balancing them. At first it was synthetic hormones and then bioidentical. What's the right thing to do to get in balance as those hormones get out of whack?

A: I had that same question in practicing for over 25 years. I never recommended hormones, because I saw so many patients with cancer. The commonality was they were on hormones. The other commonality was their estrogen levels were high because of the hormones they were on.

As a traditional naturopath and certified clinical nutritionist studying in Europe in Germany, I was trained in homeopathy and herbs so I always used homeopathic hormones. Many different types and many different vials, and people would have a hard time keeping up with what they would take and when, because they were individual hormones in different bottles.

I decided one day that I would research this further, and I wanted to put out my own hormone rejuvenation product, which is homeopathic. I didn't want to do it until I did research to find out if it would work. I didn't want to just make it. I wanted to do research, find out is this going to work? How effective is it? How severe is this issue with not only synthetic, but what does bioidentical hormones really do, because the hype that you're getting is a marketing hype. It is not based on reality or testing.

I train doctors fulltime. I have done 20,000 before and after saliva tests, 20,000 people. More studies than the pharmacy ever does for any drug. It's like a thousand times more. If they do 125, 200 people. I did 20,000 people, because its so fascinating to see the different drugs that they're on, and what they do, and how the estrogen levels are elevated.

What I saw was shocking. I saw that not only the synthetic would elevate estrogens and throw progesterone so far out of balance, like if someone takes synthetic or bioidentical progesterone, if they're normal, if it's a female, let's say around 60 years old. The reference range is usually around, which would be healthy, around 100, 90, 100. That woman might have a progesterone level of 50,000. Not just a little bit. It was humongous.

I became deeply involved with this, and I saw that the bioidenticals do exactly the same thing. People take bioidentical hormones also get cancer, because these 20,000 people I evaluated the test results along with looking at their case history, but it was the doctors' patients. It was third party, which is the best property research you can do. I didn't see the specimens when they were sent in. It's not my lab. I don't own it. 

It is a licensed lab, CLIA licensed lab. I've used three or four of them within the period of time from 1999, three or four different labs to determine would it make a difference if I used this lab as to the reference ranges? What if I use this lab? Do they do a little bit different? Would somebody that's abnormal at this lab be normal at the other lab?

I found that it's consistent. It is dead consistent. That's when I put out my hormone rejuvenation called NuFem. There's one for doctors called NuFem, and it's trademarked. It's the only one like it in the world. It's a liposome-based clean, homeopathic cream that you apply topically to the skin that bypasses the skin and goes into the bloodstream.

There's the oral EndoPure, which is for the retail public. Almost exactly the same formula, but one is oral and one is cream. That's what I developed because people needed an answer, and the answers they are getting are not truthful answers.
Should you replace hormones when you age? Dr. Teresa Dale has studied this issue for years. She says some kinds of hormone replacement bring a risk of cancer. That brought her to develop a homeopathic solution. She talks about those issues and her solution here.

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