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Prostate cancer is ranked as the second most common cancer in men and the third leading cause of cancer death… but one of the first treatment options, may be doing nothing for the patient.

A 20 year study out of St.Louis found more evidence that prostate cancer surgery offers little to no benefit to many men with the early stage disease.  The study compared surgery with just observation.  It revealed that surgery did not prolong life and often caused serious complications instead.  Many men in the observation group received no treatment at all because early stage prostate cancer often grows slowly and rarely causes symptoms.

One of the authors of the study said the study confirms that many of these types of patients have an excellent prognosis without surgery and that aggressive treatment usually is not needed.

New information is revealing again the importance of balanced gut bacteria and it’s connection to our health.

A recent study out of Germany noted that patients with heart failure had less frequent important groups of bacteria and that the gut flora was not as diverse as health individuals.  Despite the findings… researchers still are unclear whether the gut flora is altered as a result of the heart failure or whether it may be an underlying cause instead… but the hope is this information will lead to more research in the future.

And another factor in your heart health could be the amount of hours you spend working… 

A recent study out of Europe looked at over 85 thousand men and women… comparing those who worked a normal week, which was considered to be between 35 and 40 hours… and those who worked 55 hours or more.  The group who put in more hours were 40 percent more likely to develop atrial fibrillation during the following ten years.  Also among that group… 90 percent of the atrial fibrillation cases happened in people who had no pre-existing cardiovascular disease.

One limitation to the study however is that the type of job… like night shifts… were not taken into account.

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Is a common first option for a cancer treatment really unnecessary? Find out what the latest research is showing. Also learn about the potential connection between your gut health, the amount of hours you work in a week and your heart health!

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