Cell Phones Could Be Most Dangerous For These People!

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Dr. Kerry Crofton: The concern with the wireless router is, and they're pretty strong.  This is not minimal exposure.  And it's happening 24/7.  So the safer solution, and a good part of our program and the book is um, really focuses on safer solutions.   And this one's easy.  Well, sort of easy.  Go back to the ethernet cable until you can get a fiber optics system.  And, as long as you have a flat screen on the television, the electromagnetic field from that, or the computer, sorry, is not that powerful.  You don't want kids sitting right up close against any computer or close to any television.

But if you do radiation rescue of your office, children can play there quite happily when you have replaced your cordless phones with corded, your wireless with wired internet connection.

And why we've got this graphic about the penetration of cell phone radiation into the human skull.  And in an adult goes part way through the skull.  In a ten year old it goes about halfway through.  In a five year old it almost fills the entire skull.  And I know we think, believe me, I have teens, that young people are pretty hard-headed, but anatomically, the brain and the skull are not really fully formed until they're perhaps in their early 20's.  So for young children, they're particularly vulnerable.  The skull is thinner, the radiation permeates, the brain is more aqueous.  They're really vulnerable.  And certainly pregnant women and a fetus, an unborn child are really at risk.



Dr. Kerry Crofton discusses some of the common sources of radiation in your home. Find out what she thinks some of the more dangerous are. She also discusses cell phones and who might be affected most by radiation put out by cell phones.

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