Connection Between Autism and This Supplement Revealed!

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Hi and welcome to this week’s headlines in natural health on ihealthtube dot com…

Could vitamin D play a role in preventing autism?  A study out of Australia is indicating there could definitely be a link…

At the University of Queensland… researchers found that giving vitamin D supplements to mice during pregnancy seemed to prevent autism traits in their offspring… Meanwhile in human studies… those researchers also found a link between pregnant women with low Vitamin D levlens and the increased likelihood of having a chile with autistic traits.  Now the researchers hope to determine the ideal dose of supplemented vitamin D is safe for pregnant women.

You may not like it, but you probably know that broccoli is good for you… now researchers have found one of the reasons why!

Broccoli contains sul-FOR-a-fane… a compound that’s known to help prevent prostate cancer.  Sulforaphane can have an influence on long, non-coding RNA in your body.  Those were thought to be a type of ‘junk DNA’ with no particular value.  But now evidence is showing these long, non-coding RNAs have a major role and can often control what genes are turned on, or expressed… to carry out their genetic function.  One researcher from Oregon State University said learning this could help in understanding how cancer may be triggered and spreads.   Treatments of sulforaphne could normalize levels of these long, non-coding RNAs… which could lead to new methods of slowing cancers or keeping them from becoming invasive.

You’ve heard an apple a day can keep the doctor away… but what can a cup of tea do?  Quite a bit according to a recent study…

A study out of the University of Singapore involving more than 900 Chinese seniors found that regular consumption of tea lowers the risk of cognitive decline by 50 percent… and those with a genetic risk of Alzheimer’s may experience of reduction in cognitive impairment by as much as 86 percent!  The research also indicated the benefits are not limited to a type of team, as long as the tea is brewed from tea leaves like green, black or oolong… It’s thought the benefits come from compounds in the tea leaves that exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties…

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Making headlines this week... learn about the possible new connection between autism and this supplement! Also, there is another reason why you should eat your broccoli and you might want to wash it down with a cup of tea, find out why!

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