Could Understanding This Lead to a Cure for Cancer?

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Scott: Doctor, you say cancer is a fungus.  Does that explain, at least for some part, how it is formed?  Does that help us know how it is caused?

Prof. Tullio Simoncini: It is an external infection at first.  So somebody can get it from the air, touching something infected or ingesting some spores.  There is pollution all over the world.  If you think at least 50 million Japanese have athlete's foot.  That is a fungus.  If you think about vaginal candidosis, millions of people, million, millions of people.  Psoriasis, million of people, let's say, a lot of people.  So the fungus has invaded all the environment.  It is an external infection that can be, sometimes, many times can be an opportunistic infection or parasites, external parasites.  When it attacks the (unknown) makes the classic fungal infection like in the vagina, the bronchia, the mouth.  When it goes inside, because of the weakness of the patient, it can become tumor.  When it goes inside the organism.  And it happens because of many concomitant causes such as stress, medicines, diet, even diet, or stress, psychological problems, the life.  But when the tissue also becomes very weak, it can be attacked.  And the fungus, when it takes roots, it can go inside and produce the tumor.  Because the tumor, cancer is, the sum, to summarize, the fungal infection and the defensive reaction of the cells of the human body.


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Dr. Tullio Simoncini explains his theory about cancer often starting as an infection. Find out why he says this, what common ways people can get these infections. Could this help lead to a cure?

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