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Interviewer: Dr, we hear a lot about Omega-3 fatty acids. Why is that
something that's suddenly so popular?

Sigalit Zchut, PhD: Well, Omega-3 and fatty acids have been popular for
over 30 years. And actually hundreds of studies came out to show their
efficacy. Originally found out to be the diet, a very important component
of the diet of people living in cold places like in Alaska. And it was
observed that these people don't have cholesterol problems, they don't have
cardiac diseases and when they looked into their diets, they found out that
they have a very high level of consumption of EPA and DHA, those fatty
acids that can be found in marine sources.

And since then a lot of research was done to look into, you know, the
benefits of Omega-3. And so it's definitely not new and I think that slowly
people are maybe looking for more natural solutions to cardiac problems.
Right now, CVD, cardiovascular diseases, are one of the main killers and
the cause of diseases in the world, in the Western world. And even though
there are some medications that can help you, people are more and more
looking into natural sources to be able to deal with those problems and to
lower the risk and Omega-3 is definitely one of them.

Dr. Sigalit Zchut explains why and how omega-3's became known as an important part of cardiovascular health.

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