Do Pets Improve Your Child's Health?

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Hi and welcome to a look at this week’s headlines in natural health on iHealthTube dot com…

More reasons to eat your fruit and vegetables… new research is showing that eating potassium- rich foods could be key to lowering blood pressure.

Research out of USC looked at recent studies from that lab and others… They found that when dietary potassium is high… the kidneys would excrete more salt and water, which increases potassium excretion.  So eating foods like sweet potatoes, avocados, spinach, beans and bananas, which are all high in potassium… is like taking a diuretic.  A 2004 report recommends 4 point 7 grams of potassium a day for adults to lower blood pressure and counter the effects of dietary sodium.

Do you have a pet?  Believe it or not… It could help your child stay healthier.

A study out of the University of Alberta showed that babies from families with pets showed tendencies to lower risks of allergic diseases and obesity.  It’s also noted that 70 percent of those pets were dogs.

The babies who were exposed to pets showed higher levels of certain microbes associated with the conditions.  The thought is that exposure early in life to dirt and bacteria from the dog’s fur and paws… can create early immunity.  How early can this exposure help?  The pet exposure had an affect on the gut micro biome… from dog to mother to unborn baby as well as the first three months of the baby’s life.

More benefits are being shown for yoga… this time in prostate cancer patients…

A study out of the University of Pennsylvania found that men who attended yoga classes twice a week during prostate cancer radiation treatment… fared considerably better than those who didn’t…

Those who attended the yoga classes found less fatigue from the treatments that those who did not… both groups started at the same level when it came to erectile dysfunction… but those who attended yoga classes maintained that level while the others saw a decline over the course of treatment.

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Can you eat your way to a healthy blood pressure? Find out what foods can help. Also learn about the benefits of having a pet for your infant and what benefits yoga is now showing for a certain group of men!

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