Do Vaccines Contribute to Your Toxicity? You Might Be Surprised!

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Scott: I want to go back to toxins a little bit.  We talked about just the load that people seem to be getting now days.  Are vaccines a part of that do you think?  And every country the schedule or the recommendation is different.  And from what I understand, it's more here than probably it is in the U.K.  But what do you think about the load the people get through that?

Philip Weeks: It's a really complex area, isn't it?  If you want to create a very, very active and active debate, you start talking about vaccination, isn't it?  So any kind of medical community whether it's a holistic community like I'm in or in an orthodox sort of medical community, talk about vaccines and it will create very, very intense debates.  

Well the reality is vaccines contain excipients.  And they contain excipients like sometimes like aluminium, again mercury is being phased out of some vaccines.  It's not in some, it's still in some of them.  So there's a bioaccumulation that has to occur by putting toxins directly into the blood stream.  And people go, well there's only a tad, there's only a little bit of aluminium.  Well, it's very different when you ingest aluminium, then when it's injected in.  So it's a very controversial area.  Is there signs of bioaccumulation in the body because of vaccines?  I do believe there is.  But again it's a very, very complicated debate about vaccinations. 

I think, immunologically, I think it's important that we get ill as children.  I think it's important that we combat infections, um... we get fevers so that our immune system becomes more intelligent, we become more robust.  And I think that needs to be encouraged.  This whole movement of, children should never have fevers, never have anything... should never be ill, I think is unrealistic.  And I think it's important that whether people have vaccines or not, that children are handled in a way where fevers are encouraged in a safe way, in order for their immune systems to get active.  Because we're going to need that.  We're going to need that.  The world is changing.  And we know through the, sort of, the hygiene paradox, that the more clean our environment becomes, the more chronic conditions like asthma, atopic illnesses, like eczema, they're increasing, the more we're living in a hygienic environment.  So we have to deal with that somehow. 


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Philip Weeks discusses the role vaccines may play when it comes to the overall toxic burden to the body. Do things like mercury and aluminum still play a role today? If so, how much? Philip also discusses the role of a healthy immune system and what illness may do to it in the long run!

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