This Doctor Thinks This is the Main Cause of Autism

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Scott: So outside of cancer, you treat other conditions as well.  Autism is one of them that stuck out to me.  Do we have a good handle on what really triggers or causes that?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis: Well, autism again, I think is a civilization disease.  Again, first time we saw it was in 1930's.  We had no clue why these kids were behaving the way they were behaving.  We thought they were demented, stupid and all that.  It's unfortunate, because these kids usually have an IQ of 120, but they have poor social skills.  So they can be smart in one area, brilliant, in other areas, and socially they have issues.  So by 1944, because they have misbehaving if you will, they just sit in class, they talk while the teacher was talking, etcetera.  And the psychiatrists said it was a psychiatric disorder.  In my opinion, it is not a psychiatric disorder.  Does it have a psychiatric component?  Yes, it does.  If I start misbehaving, you say that's a psychiatric component, and I agree with that.

Now, if we're going to call it what it is, it's a metabolic disorder, which has many unwanted fathers, ok?  It has toxicity, bad nutrition, misunderstanding... you know what's going on... how you raise them, how to feed them.  And of course,  the other thing we see, one of the things that's very common in traditional medicine today, the overuse of antibiotics.  You know, that destroys the gut flora, which promotes chronic disease.  And of course, I would say the number one reason for this is change of the genetics because of the environment, the toxic environment we live in.  That's the number one cause.  So if I had to go to the bottom of it, and fix the cause, by magic powers,  I would say let's fix the environment.  Let's fix the nutrition.  That would be the number one and number two thing I would do.


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Autism is a condition that's exploded in recent decades and it continues to stump physicians. Many people point to different things as being the cause but today, nobody knows for sure. Dr. Constantine Kotsanis discusses what he thinks are the top two potential causes. Find out what this doctor thinks is the cause of autism!

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