Essential Oils for Skin Conditions

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Scott: Talk about the use of some of those essential oils on the skin as a topical, and what are some of the health benefits we can get that way?

Mindy Green: Essential oils have a tremendous amount of benefits that they can offer to skin conditions. Topically on the skin, I mentioned lavender as kind of being the universal oil for insect bites and bee stings and things that itch and burns and things like that. 

But they also, lavender in particular,are a very nice anti-inflammatory agent for rashes. The key here is dilution. You do need to know that in most cases, essential oil should not be used neat or undiluted on the skin. They need to be diluted. I would say no more than 10 drops of essential oil to one ounce of a carrier oil. That could be almond oil or even olive oil, but it needs to be diluted. A lotion is a great dilutant, too. They do need to be diluted straight on the skin, undiluted, they can cause some irritation. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Mindy Green: A little bit of knowledge is dangerous, so it's good to be educated, again, on the use of these things. But diluting them and putting them on the skin is very often beneficial for a variety of conditions, including cosmetic conditions like acne and rosacea and even eczema and things like that.

Scott: Cause what you put on the skin can get aborbed by the body . . .

Mindy Green: Yes.

Scott: . . . so is there concern in that respect?

Mindy Green: Well, again, dilution is key. I always like to think of dilution in more of a homeopathic dose than a heroic dose. Again, no more than 2% dilution. I mentioned 10 drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier, but you can use as little as one or two drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier and have it be effective as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Scott: Okay.
Aromatherapist Mindy Green explains some of the benefits of essential oils as a topical solution for skin conditions. She does mention some warnings if you are thinking about trying this yourself.

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