Fluoridated Water Causes This Health Issue!

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Scott: Doctor, you've talked a little bit about how fluoride and oral health came to be.  What about fluoride in the water systems, which I think it pretty prevalent in this country right now?

Dr. David Kennedy: Actually this is one of the most fluoridated countries.  I can give the fluoridated countries to you.  They're Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and Ireland.  What do those countries have in common?  They speak English.  Because it's a lie.  And if somebody from some other country comes in, and they don't speak the language, you don't listen to them.  And so fluoride... the stuff they're putting in the water is not fluoride.  The stuff they're putting in the water is a very complex molecule.  That has got sand at the heart, six molecules of fluoride, two free hydrogen molecules flying around, or H3O if you want.  And it is a magnet for lead.  So this is called hydrofluoric(?) acid, there's a patent in the US Patent office to use this to extract lead from brass.  So when add this to the water supply, it causes lead to absorb into the children, and adults.  And so now we have all the lead-related illnesses, you know your heart disease, your lower IQ, your immunosuppression.  Allowing industry to dispose of silicofluorides in our public water supplies is a gift of our community water supply to industry, because it's no benefit at all to the children.  Everybody admits it will poison a baby.  And it sucks lead into the bodies of the people that drink that water.  And there are now four huge studies showing the same things happen to both rats and humans.  Lead, silicofluoride, high levels of blood lead levels.  


Dr. David Kennedy discusses the problems with fluoride in the public water systems. He mentions another health concern that he says stems from fluoride in the water.

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