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You’ve probably been told to eat your vegetables and a variety of colors… now new research is showing why that’s a good idea.

A study out of Penn State found that a diet that includes colorful vegetables and fruits may contain compounds that can stop colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases in pigs.  The study used purple potatoes for their high levels of anthocyanin and other compounds linked to cancer prevention.  In the trial… pigs that were fed the potatoes had a six times lower marker for inflammation… this marker is correlated with certain proteins that are linked to the spread and growth of cancer cells.

There are drugs that are used against these markers… but the hope is that eating these whole foods will offer similar benefits without the potential side effects.

We’ve all been told to stay active, even for a few minutes each day.  

A recent study out of Canada showed the benefits of meeting activity guidelines of 30 minutes of activity a day, or 150 minutes a week to raise heart rate… The study showed that meeting these guidelines reduced the risk of death from any cause by 28 percent, while heart disease was reduced by 20 percent, regardless of the type of activity.  The benefits also increased along with the activity.  People who got more than 750 minutes of brisk walking per week had a 36 percent reduction in the risk of death.

The lead investigator said the study showed the benefit of a variety of activities… even commuting… an active job or doing housework.

The importance of good sleep has been well documented… but for some people… NOT sleeping can be beneficial as well.

A study out of Pennsylvania found that sleep deprivation rapidly reduces symptoms of depression in roughly half of depression patients studied.  Partial sleep deprivation… which is 3-4 hours of sleep… was just as beneficial as total sleep deprivation, which is being deprived of sleep for 36 hours.   While antidepressant drugs are one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S… they can take weeks or longer to find results… but sleep deprivation can show results in as little as 24 hours.

Researchers now want to take this information and find out exactly how sleep deprivation causes these significant benefits.

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Learn what kinds of foods are being found to help prevent cancer and why. Also find out what we're learning about being active and how that can benefit your health. And even though sleep is important, sleep deprivation can help people who suffer from this! Find out here!

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