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The health benefits of vegetables is certainly no mystery… but how they provide these benefits can be.  But now new research out of London is showing how a certain class of vegetables can help prevent cancer.  The study done on mice, showed that vegetables like broccoli, kale and cabbage produce indole-3-carbinol… when digested.  The study shows the first real evidence of how I3C in the diet can help prevent colon inflammation and cancer by activating a certain protein.

The next step for researchers is to look into a human trial to see if these molecules have the same effect in people.

Carbohydrates have become a focal point in many diets around the world… now new research is out of Boston is putting some real numbers to those diets.

The study of over 15 thousand people included those whose carbohydrate intake was considered either high, low or moderate.  Those with low which was considered less than 40 percent of energy… and high… which was over 70 percent, were linked with an increase in mortality.  But those who’s intake was 50 to 55 percent of energy had the lowest risk.  However… not all low-carb diets appeared to be equal.  Substituting carbs for animal based proteins was linked to a greater risk of mortality, while those who ate more plant-based proteins and fats from legumes and nuts were linked to lower mortality.

The authors note that the results came from self-reported data and that further study is needed to differentiate between certain things like fish versus other meats.

Milk and other dairy products are also focal points in diets these days… but research out of Canada is indicating that starting your day with milk could have benefits for certain individuals.

The study looked at increasing protein concentration and the proportion of whey protein in milk with a high-carbohydrate breakfast cereal on blood glucose.  The study showed that milk consumed with a high-carb breakfast, reduced blood glucose, even after lunch.  And high protein milk had a greater effect.  The lead author said the study confirms the importance of milk at breakfast to aid in slowing digestion of carbohydrates and to maintain lower blood sugar levels.

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Scientists are starting to learn just how certain vegetables provide health benefits, and even help prevent cancer. Learn the latest on what broccoli, kale and others can do. Also, before you go low carb, learn what research is finding our about carbohydrates. Finally have you ditched milk and dairy? You might want to hear what a recent study found and what it might mean for a certain group of people!

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