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Interviewer: Doctor, just explain how people can get a hold of you, and
explain the membership part of your website.

Professor Theresa Dale: Okay, so the best way to reach me is through the, and you can fill out a little contact form and someone
will get back to you. We also have a phone number on the website that you
can call. If a health provider is watching this, you would have a little
area on the websites that says "Doctors/For Doctors," and you would go
there, because I train health providers of all types every day.

And for consumers, I've created a member's area, because wanting to help
people, wanting to help them with all these different issues, I often times
do phone consultations, and I don't really know the person I'm dealing
with, so as I have a membership of a club. It's a private club. When they
join that club, that puts them into a private club, not the public.
Therefore, they get educated in that area of the website, they find
educational information and protocols about healing different health issues
totally naturally. Also, referrals for other doctors in the United States
that I've trained. They also get referrals of biological dentists, they get
protocols that my doctors get. They get clear protocols. Education about a
health issue, and then the protocol, using homeopathy, herbs, raw organic
and food-based supplements. Also, they get dietary advice, which is all
completely natural, and the things I'm very strict about is that all of my
homeopathic remedies are FDA registered, all of the nutritional supplements
are, if they're herbs, they're raw, untreated, unheated, organic. There's
no heavy metals in them. There's no magnesium stearate, they're in vegi-
caps, there's no toxins at all, they're very, very clean, so they're very
effective. Having raw herbs is a very good thing in capsules.

The membership, and also you can't really have an appointment with me
unless you're a member, so you have to become a member, join the club, it's
very inexpensive, it's $20 a month to be educated. I don't know where else
you can find education for $20 a month. And then you can get a 10 percent
discount on all of the products, and you get a discount on a phone
appointment with me. That is to basically allow me the opportunity to help
them and give them information they wouldn't learn anywhere else, because
it's information that no one would really want to put out there on their

Like if you have a health condition like cancer. What are the different
things you could use to work with? What do they use in Europe? Does the
baking soda idea work? What about H2O2, food grade hydrogen peroxide? What
kind of research is behind that? What about herbs? Viscum album from
Europe, which is mistletoe, does that work? Different clinics in different
parts of the world that they can go to if they want. Then dietary advice.

It has a lot of good information that it protects. It helps protect the
both of us, so that they can access the information that they need.
Dr. Theresa Dale explains her services and what kind of help you can get through a membership on her website. She discusses what kinds of information patients and doctors alike can get from her and her site.

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