Hormone Rejuvenation vs Replacement

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Interviewer: Explain how hormone rejuvenation works, versus bio-identical
and things like that.
Professor Theresa Dale: It's a very good question. It's exactly where we
need to go right now. If you take a bio-identical or synthetic hormone, you
are taking a medication, a drug. There is nothing natural about either one
of them. Bio-identical has claimed to be natural, but it's compounded. As
soon as you compound something, it becomes synthesized, it's synthetic.
So, what happens is the body builds up the toxicity of it, and because the
adrenal glands and the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, access in the
ovaries in that whole connection, the innate intelligence in a person's
body knows that they need to make their own hormones. The adrenal glands
also makes are hormones. So, when you are pumping hormones into your body,
the adrenal glands stop making their own hormones, which ages you, ages --
you--, not anti-aging at all.
See, the adrenal glands get really tired and they go to sleep, just like if
you took a thyroid medication, which they have thyroxin in it, just like
that. When you take that, then the thyroid is put to sleep. I mean, not
vegetative, not functioning. True with any hormone. So, what happens is,
you put your body into a vegetative state, and that is very unhealthy, and
it accelerates the aging.
Women gain weight from synthetic and bio-identical, and the stuff you find
in health food stores as well. They gain weight, and it could be, they
could gain weight in two days. They could notice a difference in their
body. So, the homeopathic hormone rejuvenation has no side effects, doesn't
make you gain weight, can't elevate, can't depress, it brings it to normal
whether it's high or low. That's the beauty of homeopathy. If a baby got a
hold of the liquid and ate it, nothing bad would happen.

Is hormone rejuvenation a safer alternative to hormone replacement? Dr. Theresa Dale examines the difference between the two and how the two affect your adrenals and natural hormone production.

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