How to Naturally Treat Stretch Marks

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Raena Morgan: Ann Louise, another aesthetic concern for women besides cellulite are stretch marks. Is there some way to deal with them?

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman: To deal with stretch marks, I see that zinc is a very important nutrient for that, perhaps because of the way that it interacts with vitamin A and is helpful in terms of the repair of the cell membrane. I also see that certain topicals – I’m just looking in my minds eye – are also very good for stretch marks, and that would be anything that was vitamin E based or even something that was the old fashioned cocoa butter-

RM: Cocoa butter.

ALG: -that we used to put on, that you were told to put on when you were pregnant, may also be very good in terms of the skin. And coconut oil, that’s what I was thinking of.

RM: Yeah.

ALG: Coconut oil. I know on my Facebook page, and we have a very active community there, women will tell me all the home remedies that work for their beauty concerns, and in terms of stretch marks that coconut oil, I think, takes the cake.

RM: Excellent, because I use that just as a night cream too.

ALG: Oh, and you’ve got great skin, so it obviously works.

RM: Well thank you, Ann Louise. So coconut oil for the stretch marks.

ALG: Coconut oil for the stretch marks.

RM: And the zinc.

ALG: And zinc, because it’s- I tell everybody to think zinc because it is so deficient in the American diet. And again, as we know, it’s a precursor to progesterone, which is so important in terms of your brain as well as your reproductive organs. And it’s important too because it’s antiviral, and I think we forget that; zinc is one of the most important anti-viral minerals that we have. Very important in terms of anti-anxiety because it counteracts my friend copper, which is so important. We’ve got so much copper in the environment and we need some sort of antagonist; I call it the mineral antagonist to copper.

RM: All right.

ALG: So get more zinc, however you can do that. Think zinc!

RM: Get some coconut oil and coconut butter.

ALG: Coconut oil and coconut butter, yes indeed.

RM: Thank you, Ann Louise.

ALG: You’re welcome.


Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman helps suggest some natural ways to manage stretch marks on your skin. Find out what she thinks works best and what she's heard from numerous women on the subject!

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