Improved Skin with Xanthohumol

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Stephen E. Langer, M.D.: Other areas that the Xanthohumol has proven
beneficial. and we can start with the As, it's been proven beneficial in
acne.  It tends to inactivate the major bacteria that are known to cause
acne lesions and allow people's skin, as a result,  to be healthier and
smoother. Because of it's antioxidant activities, it makes you more
resistant  to free radical damage caused by the sun. So, it seems to, you
know, because of this anti bacterial will  probably be shown in the future
to have these, you know, these wonderful skin benefits for acne. But, over
and above that, it's a flavonoid antioxidant that does help you maintain
smooth healthy looking skin.
Could the flavanoid antioxidant xanthohumol help you get clearer skin? Dr. Stephen Langer talks about the potential skin benefits with xanthohumol.

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