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Scott:  Can you talk about some studies that Magtein has gone through and
what some of the results have been?

Professor Liu:  So, (inaudible 00:00:07) we are, obviously at the very
beginning - almost six years or so - first we focused on memory. Then, we
started to focus on the feel memory. Of course, the feel memory, actually
is related to the anxiety. Anxiety and depression actually go together. So
we have done some - we have some (inaudible 00:00:30) data about
depression. (inaudible 00:00:33) of depression works. So, memory, fine.
Depression and anxiety, (inaudible 00:00:38) working.

So then we start to focus on the advanced version of memory problems which
is Alzheimer's disease. We also use the (inaudible 00:00:49) of Alzheimer's
disease and to look at what happened, whether we can treat Alzheimer's
disease (inaudible 00:00:52). So far we have a (inaudible 00:00:54). This
started, we submitted our manuscript and it's under review. That basically
shows there is an improved... Actually, we can't - if you give (inaudible
00:01:05) you can really prevent Alzheimer's disease in (inaudible
00:01:09) but just animals.

We are also interested in treating Parkinson's disease because the
Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease are degenerative disease,
basically lost synapse. So, this compound we believe is a pro-generation.
It's almost to what we call rejuvenation. Pro-synapse genesis compound, so
we think anything leading to degeneration and this is pro-generation, so we
can give it to them. So we are also interested in treating Parkinson's

We almost finished what I call the animal study. Now our focus is the human
clinical study. I just launched a human clinical trial in Miami where we
are looking at anxiety, sleep and memory together at the same time. So that
is different from the other compound where if you're taking a sleeping
pill, that's a different (inaudible 00:02:10). It doesn't enhance your

So we're trying to say whether we can create something [beautiful], improve
sleep, reduce anxiety and enhance memory at the same time, so one compound.
But it's also (inaudible 00:02:23) and there's potentially no side effects.
The reason there are no side effects is they're part of us. We did not
introduce some foreign compound to your body.

Magnesium is - if you eat the food... There's (inaudible 00:02:41) one year
ago, which is not fantastic. You may not even need to take Magtein, but if
you want to eat this (inaudible 00:02:48) which is [beautiful], highly
processed, and I'm sorry, the magnesium is gone.
Dr. Guosong Liu talks about recent studies that show promise in improving anxiety, sleep and memory with a magnesium supplement called Magtein. Dr. Liu talks about how the studies also look into Alzheimer's disease as well as Parkinson's disease.

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