Increasing Dangers with Antibiotics Use!

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Interviewer: Let's talk about antibiotics a little bit. I think everybody would agree that to some degree that there needed what's the downside in an and what about their potential overuse?

Ann Boroch:  Antibiotics have been overused, misused and abused. We're not even talking about antibiotic resistance. It's existing we are now having people who are in hospitals that will die, not because of the surgery, but because they are resistant to antibiotics because we've overused this misused this. It was a good thing and had purpose and it still does in minute doses. The reality is that for most things we had there either fungal or they're viral and you can use other agents to be able neutralize that. A little silver, oregano oil, garlic, probiotics, abstaining from sugar which feeds this. So the reality is we're doing too much of it and people really need to stop and go "wow the only time I really want to take an antibiotic is if I had staph", the bacterial infection. If I had Streptococcus at the bacterial infection of the throat. See what I'm saying? We hand it out like candy. A lot of this is just the public, the layperson will actually go to the doctor and beg for it sometimes doctors don't want to give it today they're getting more educated, but they want it because that's what they know. So we have to let people know there's many ways to be able to get the body back into balance.


So many people have become used to going to the doctor and walking out with a prescription any time they have an ailment. That has led to antibiotic overuse, which causes more serious problems. Naturopath Ann Boroch discusses the danger with antibiotic overuse and offers some alternatives when you likely have something other than a bacterial infection. Learn the increasing dangers with antibiotics use!

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