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Interviewer:     You have a couple of books that you've written and then
also have or in the process of updating. We learn about healthcare all the
time and I assume which is the reason for the updates. Can you talk about
your book "Healing Multiple Sclerosis," and what's new in that book?

Ann Boroch: Sure. Well, it's a beast. Its about 440 pages now versus 300. I
expanded on every level and really I opened up more the dynamics on the
psychological front. Because I really thing that's why bodies crumble more
than anything. Even nutrition. I think we're living with such suppressed
healing and stress that if you don't look at those aspects, they store all
your memory in the body and then they become, they disrupt your immune
system and then you're in trouble.

So I expanded that. I also made it much more used friendly in the
supplement section. I broke it month-by-month. So literally laid out a
program in which you don't have to see me. I give you everything I know,
talking from nutrition, how do you clean your emotional mental house, how
do you spiritually connect, to then laying out step-by-step of what you
would take, what you would eat. So its very user friendly. In the back I
put all the resources so that you're finding the supplement companies in
places you can save money.

I really put my heart and soul in it to really educate and elevate so that
people had all the tools and resources necessary and how do you first stop
the progression of an autoimmune, then work on reversal and have the
education to become your own best doctor. Because its really with the
education that you feel empowered and then you make better choices and then
you heal.
Ann Boroch is a naturopath and author of a couple of books. Here she explains why she has updated both books and what some of the updates are.

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