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Scott: Christian, you've written a couple of books and continue to do a lot of research into heart health, stem cell therapies. Talk a little bit about your background, and what got you started into those areas. 

Christian Wilde: Good. Scott, nice to be with you. At one point I had just finished a physical. The doctor said,"Christian, you're thallium treadmill is 100%. Your cholesterol's excellent." He said, "You're free to go. I don't need to see you,unless you want to have lunch with me, for another year." I was leaving,and I turned and I said, "Mort, let me ask you a question, off the record.How often do physicians tell patients that their heart condition is excellent,their tests are excellent, their risk is low, and then you hear from them three days later that they died on the golf course?"  Or you hear from their wives or their family member, obviously. Or, they went to sleep one night and they never awakened. He said, "It happens all the time." He said,"We doctors are in the business of saving lives, and whenever we lose apatient, it's very distressing." He said, "There's so much we don't know about." And I left. 

Two days later, a friend of mine's wife called and said, "Joey died of a heart attack yesterday. And Christian, you know,he had just had a treadmill. His cholesterol was perfect." And then I would hear on the news, like all of us, we hear about some celebrity. Somebody we know can afford the finest medical care. And they die of a heart attack. And then we wonder, with all of the medical attention and diagnostics that that individual had, what do we have? What can we count on? And we know that a heart attack can take you out in one second. Actually, in the United States, I think it's a million one hundred thousand heart attacks in a given year. Of that number, 350,000 will not survive. And most alarming is a quarter million of those people will die one hour of their first symptom. 

These statistics started swimming in my head.I'm thinking, families are destroyed with a heart attack.  I shut down my business, I mortgaged my house. I spent five years researching the hidden causes of heart attack and stroke. And at the time I was writing, I had no idea that anyone would even think about endorsing the book, particularly well-known doctors.When I got finished, Scott, I sent five copies out. Five directors of major universities, directors of cardiology, endorsed the book. Then I felt like I had the credibility. Since then, anybody who'd listen, I'd talk about heart disease, the prevention of it. And then as the subtitle of the book, at the very last minute, I called it,  "Inflammation, Cardiology's NewFrontier." 

At that time, nobody was talking about inflammation's role in heart disease, and now we know it's the basis for most all chronic disease. Following that, I'd hear from people who'd say, I have a father in congestive heart failure. They tell us that there is no survival on this. And I checked the statistics. It's true. 22 million people are dying of congestive heart failure. That's worldwide. And right now, in theUnited States, six million. 

I heard about a trial in which they take the patient's own stem cells, harvest it from the leg muscle, multiplied it in the laboratory, inject it into the myocardium of these patients. And I started interviewing Dr. Warren Sherman, Director of Columbia University,Cardiovascular Stem Cell Therapy, Dr. Doris Taylor, at Minnesota, Director ofCardiovascular Repair. John Hopkins University. And on, and on. I started interviewing patients who had gone from their death bed to full recovery,following a one time, minimally invasive procedure while they're listening to music, and go home the next day.

There have been thousands of them done worldwide. Of all the FDA trials, I would assume that the most reliable one to have approval, the first one, would probably be, based on the success of the trials, would be heart failure.



Researcher Christian Wilde has dedicated his life to researching heart disease. He looks into why so many heart attacks come with seemingly no warning signs and otherwise clean bills of health. Find out what he finds is the leading cause of these silent killers.

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