Learn Why Your Doctor Often Can't Help You!

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Interviewer: You know, we've spoken to a lot of people, doctors included, that have had to do their own research in order to, it seems like, take care of a family member where that has come up because conventional medicine wasn't getting the job done, was making that person worse. Why is that still the case where you have to go outside and do your own work and find something else? Why isn't conventional medicine, I guess, caught up to what some of these problems are?

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski: You know, it was said once that it takes about 17 years for new ideas to really take action. In the medical community I think it's true, maybe even longer. So, it's going to take a long time for I think the medical community to follow up with some of these new discoveries in natural medicine. You know, it's a shame that it happens, but unfortunately it's the model. It's the medical model and it's not how physicians are taught. They go to medical school, and the scary thing is now that, you know, a lot of the education for medical students and regular physicians comes from pharmaceutical companies. So they're not taught how to treat with nutrition and some of these lifestyle factors. They're taught as technicians and they diagnose looking at labs and they give people medication. And sometimes these numbers just don't work. So for instance when they do lab work, a lot of times people fall through the cracks, even though the number says something, you still have people that are coming in saying, look I feel terrible. And their doctor looks and he says, you're fine. And they're like, no I'm not fine. And so that's when they start looking and looking and trying to help themselves and look for, you know, other physicians that may have an answer for them. So, you know, if I went through mainstream medicine and tried to find an answer for a condition, it would be a test and a pill. It just doesn't work. So, you know, unfortunately that has to happen, but I look at my situation with my wife and I say, what's the silver lining to this? And it's that we can help so many more people because we've discovered what helps and what works. And if we can spread that out and if we can help people with that information, that's why I created the book. You know, people don't have to suffer.


Why is it that your doctor is often stumped or turn to a prescription right away to alleviate your condition? The reason isn't a big surprise. But is that solution making you healthy? Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski discusses the problem, and it starts in the classroom! Learn why your doctor often can't help you!

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