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Interviewer: Doctor, can you just talk about your background a little bit, and how you got into natural healthcare?

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin: Of course. Sure, thanks for asking me. I was traditionally trained as a dermatologist back east in Virginia, and then I moved west to Arizona and to San Diego, in California. At the time, about 15 years ago, I got into it for health reasons in my family and in myself. I just began to look for other cures or treatments, other than conventional medicine. From there, I got very interested to see there was virtually nothing written in dermatology about alternative treatments, holistic dermatology. This was maybe 15 years ago, and I began researching it, and really very interested in it. 

Interviewer: You have a book titled "Smart Medicine for your Skin." Talk about how that book came about. How did you get the idea and the motivation to write that?

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin: I was looking into some medical problems of my own and my family's, and I went to the bookstore. I saw that there were a few general books on holistic treatments; nothing on dermatology. There'd been almost no research by any dermatologist, and this was back at the time when you had to go to a card catalog. There wasn't the Internet. I was just very interested, and I love academic medicine. I love researching. Very slowly, just kind of a hobby, something I have a passion, something I love to do; I looked into a few diseases and what holistic treatments might be. I looked at the naturopathic literature, some of the herbal literature, acupuncture literature. And this was all new back then. 

I kind of put it all together, and I just started. I did a few chapters, maybe 15 pages, and I was my own agent. I sent it around to big publishers and the small ones, and there were like seven that were interested. One of them I really, really liked, Avery. He encouraged to go for the whole enchilada and write a much bigger book on a large scope. And for me, it was just fun. It was a hobby. I did it a few hours each week, when I felt like it. And then Avery was bought out by Penguin Putnam, so in the end the book was published by Penguin Putnam. It was in the bookstores about 10 years ago, in Barnes and Noble, and Borders was around then. 

Interviewer: Okay.


Dr. Jeanette Jacknin discusses how she came into the dermatology career and moved toward natural skin care. She also describes how she came to write a book on the topic.

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