Marriage Problems? Could This Be A Cause?

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Scott: This might be a little bit extreme, but when you look at diets like the Atkin's Diet, you know, that's been debated back and forth, whether that's good or not.  But one of the main parts of it, is that you really don't have any sugar intake in it.

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum: You know, here's the thing.  Is that good or bad?  No.  (laughs) Is it good, or bad for you?  Well, how's it working for you?  For some people a very high protein, low carb diet is very good. It will help them feel better, it will stabilize their low adrenal issues, um, it will help them lose weight.  For other people it will cause infertility.  So, one of the reasons the Atkin's Diet works for people is that it cuts the sugar out of their diet.  And that's absolutely so.  That and the South Beach Diet.  Um, but you don't have to go to that extreme.

Let me note, Scott, because we've brushed on some of the other causes of sugar addiction, but I want to take just a moment to talk about type 2 sugar addiction, which is what I mentioned earlier, the 'feed me know or I'll kill you', because it wreaks such havoc in people's relationships.  And for listeners, if you're in marriage counseling, you're at a divorce lawyer, there's a very good chance of what you have is type 2 sugar addiction.   You get low blood sugar, your claws come out, you rip your honey's throat out.  And they have no idea because it's intermittent.  It's almost like being with an alcoholic.  The problem with an alcoholic, which is another form of sugar addiction by the way, for many people, is that they can be sweet as can be and for no reason (makes sound).  That's how it is with low blood sugar.  So if you get irritable when you're hungry, write a little card out for your honey that says 'when my claws come out, please feed me'.  If you treat the low adrenal issues, and you can do it, there's a simple product called Adrenal Stress End, you avoid sugar, increase salt and water and licorice, adrenal glandulars, vitamin C, vitamin B5, those four together really stabilize adrenal function, the feed the adrenals, the moods stabilize out.  And the marriage and life you save, you know, could be your own.


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The discussion with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum starts on the topic of the Atkins diet and whether or not it 'works'. He also leads the talk into a type of sugar addiction and how that can often play a large role in people's lives that they might not even recognize.

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