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This first one might sound odd… but recent research is showing that eating more gluten could be associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes…

Gluten free diets have become popular in recent years… but the long-term study showed most people consumed less than 12 grams of gluten a day.  In that range… those who ate the most… had lower Type 2 diabetes risk during 30 years of follow-up.  Researchers note that most participants took part in the study before gluten-free diets became popular… so no data was obtained from gluten free individuals… but one doctor pointed out that  popular packaged gluten free foods often have less dietary fiber and other micronutrients.

Just how important is diet when it comes to your health?  New data indicates a diet lacking in healthy foods or high in unhealthy foods was linked to more than 400 thousand deaths in 2015.

Research from the University of Washington found that poor dietary choices played a role in almost a quarter of a million men and just under 200 thousand women two years ago… the study also evaluated the degree to which risk factors were linked to cardiovascular disease deaths… low intake of nuts and seeds ranked highest at 11 point 6 percent… followed by low vegetable intake, and low intake of whole grains… at 11 point 5 and 10 point 4 percent, respectively.

And speaking of nuts… more research is coming out to back up their health benefits…

A recent analysis of almost 30 studies and over 800 thousand people showed that 20 grams of nuts a day, or about a handful,… can cut the risk of heart disease by nearly 30 percent… and the risk of cancer by 15 percent.  The study included tree nuts like hazelnuts and walnuts… which came out as perhaps one of the healthiest for it’s high omega-3 content as well as having the most antioxidants compared with other nuts…

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Making headlines in natural health this week... learn about a surprising connection between gluten and type II diabetes. There is more interesting evidence showing the health benefits of certain nuts and some startling numbers backing a healthy diet!

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