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Lyme disease has become one of the bigger problems in health recently with an estimated 300 thousand new cases each year.  Now there’s evidence of a potential natural solution.

Research out of Baltimore tested 35 essential oils and found that about a third of them showed strong killing activity against certain forms of the Lyme disease bacterium.  In fact some were better at killing what’s called the ‘persister’ forms than standard antibiotics.  The oils were all studied against the bacteria in a lab dish.  Some of the oils.. from garlic bulbs, allspice berries, myrrh trees and spiked ginger lily blossoms killed the Lyme bacteria in culture dishes in seven days, and no bacteria grew back in 21 days.

More study is needed but the lead author said these oils show promise as treatment candidates.

We’ve all likely seen first hand the struggles of losing a few pounds… only to gain them back, and more later.  Well new research indicates that kind of yo-yo-ing is linked to a higher risk of death.

Some estimates show 80 percent of people who lose weight… will regain it and even end up heavier than when they started.  One reason is when someone loses weight, the body often reduced the amount of energy expended at rest, during exercise and increases hunger… a combination that creates perfect conditions for weight gain.

And the study that was done in Korea on more than 36 hundred men and women, found that this kind of weight cycling was linked to a higher risk of death.

If you’re a runner, new research is showing running a full marathon may not be good for your heart.

Research in Spain liked at 63 amateur runners and tested cardiac biomarkers after each ran a full marathon, half marathon and a 10K race.  The results showed the strain on the heart, using the biomarker levels, was much greater after a full marathon.  The lead investigator said the sample size is small and that a larger study group is being planned.  He also said running shorter endurance races might reduce strain on the heart during competition.

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