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Some of the strongest evidence to date that vitamin d protects against colds… flu and other respiratory infections is coming out of London.  The study was based on around 11 thousand participants in 25 clinical trials in 14 countries.  The result was what one professor called the first diminutive evidence that vitamin D really does protect against respiratory infections.Vitamin D supplementation seemed to be most effective in those who have the lowest levels.  It’s thought that vitamin D boosts natural antibiotic-like substances in the lungs.

A common food additive could play a major role in your body’s role to digest nutrients according to a recent study.

Titanium dioxide is found in everything candy, chewing gum to bread.  And researchers found when intestinal cells are subjected to chronic exposure… the intestinal barrier was weakened… metabolism slowed and a number of nutrients were difficult to absorb.  Titanium dioxide is generally regarded as safe by the FDA… and it’s also commonly used as white coloring in paints… plastic and paper.   Researchers said the best way to avoid titanium dioxide of course, is to avoid processed foods.

Finally… some encouraging news for people with a history of glaucoma…

A research team recently added vitamin B3 to the drinking water of mice that were genetically predisposed to glaucoma.  The supplementation eliminated the vast majority of age-related changes and provided protection against glaucoma.  The addition of vitamin B3 boosted the reliability of aging retinal cells.  Next up for the researchers is to test the effectiveness of Vitamin B3 in glaucoma patients.

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New research is showing encouraging signs for two common vitamins! Find out how you can help protect yourself from colds, flu and potentially even glaucoma with them! Also learn what one common food additive might be doing to your body's ability to digest and absorb important nutrients!

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