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Interviewer: We've talked about food and how so many foods these days have lower nutrient value. Are there still some super foods out there? Some foods that are high in nutrient value and what might those be? 

Dr. Derrick DeSilva: There're lots of super foods. 

Interviewer: What classify something as a super food? 

Dr. Derrick DeSilva: Great question is, what classify something as a super food. It's the nutrient density, the concentration of the nutrients in that food or in that fruit or vegetable. 

For example, there's a new berry that actually I'm bringing from South America to the country. I can't tell you what it is yet. But it is going to be the next super fruit. No question in my mind. I've done my homework on it, and it's just amazing. 

But if you look at something like spinach, I think spinach is a great super food because it's so concentrated with nutrients. All of the berries in general. But I love blueberries. I buy 40 pounds of blueberries in July. Blueberries was getting New Jersey known for its blueberries. 

Fresh organic blueberries. I buy 40 pounds, I bag them, I put them in big freezer bags. I don't wash them. I eat them all through the year. I wash them before. I eat them every day. And I eat a cup every day. 

The big joke at home is during Hurricane Sandy, my children got me a T-shirt that said, "The blueberries survive Sandy," because that was my biggest concern. I didn't want to lose the blueberries. So I had the refrigerator hooked up. I had (inaudible [00:01:53]) generator. The refrigerator is going, and I said, "Are my blueberries okay?" It was absolutely hilarious. 

And to this day, everybody jokes with me about my blueberries making it through Hurricane Sandy. But that's what classifies something as a super food. It's the nutrient density, the concentration.

But I think it's the berries and the green leafy vegetables in general. It isn't just the esoteric's exotic stuff. It's the stuff that we have at home in our supermarket.


Dr. Derrick DeSilva discusses super foods in this video. Find out why something gets classified as a super food. What kinds of foods are super foods? Also, Dr. DeSilva hints at what could be the next super fruit to hit the market.

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