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Hi and welcome to this week’s look at what’s making headlines in natural health on…

New concerns are being raised over a  common prescription drug used to treat overactive bladder.

According to new analysis, the drug Oxy-BYU-tin-in is prescribed in more than 27 percent of cases of overactive bladder in those aged 65 and older.   Oxybutinin is the cheapest prescription drug in it’s class… but the drug is also linked with cognitive impairment and dementia in the elderly.  The authors of the study found that despite the side effects, most physicians were not commonly checking for cognitive effects in those using the medications.

You’ve probably heard that a glass of wine is good for you… well… new research is showing that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a lower risk of many, but not all… cardiovascular conditions…

A study published in the British Medical Journal… found that moderate drinking accounted for a lower risk of cardiac conditions like angina… heart failure and stroke, compared to those abstaining from alcohol.

Of course the authors of the study stress it’s unwise to take up drinking as a means of lowering cardiovascular risk.

Finally… could having to go to the bathroom often at night be linked to your diet?

Research presented in London is showing that could be the case… researchers studied a group of over 300 men and women who had high salt intake and problems sleeping.

Two thirds of the group dropped their salt intake and reported a lower frequency of urination at night… the other one third increased daily salt intake and saw an increase in night time urination.

The reduction in the need to go to the bathroom also created an improved quality of life for the participants.

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Making headlines this week, a common prescription drug is being linked to cognition and dementia issues! Could drinking more alcohol actually be good for you? And could something in your diet be causing frequent urination at night? Find out more on all of these issues in this week's update

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