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Interviewer:     Doctor, can you talk about Mitochondria Biogenesis. What
that is and what role PQQ might play in that process?

Dr. Derrick DeSilva:   Well, first of all talking about mitochondria the
aging process, when we start talking about aging, we talk about oxidation.
From the day that we are born, we start to oxidize, we start to rust, we
start to age. We are not going to stop the process, nor, or we going to
prevent the process, but we can help slow down the process by taking care
of oxidative stress. All right. Again, what is oxidation? Oxidation is
rusting. Oxidation is aging. I'm going to give everyone a little experiment
to do on their own. What I want you do. I want you to cut an apple, and I
want you open up both halves. On one of the sides, I want you to open up a
PQQ. capsule, and  I want you to apply that to  the apple and I want you
leave the other side unapplied with no PQQ. I want you to leave it out, and
I want you to see personally what happens. What happen is, is that the PQQ
side is protected from Oxidation. Now, it is not going to last for 20
years. If you leave it there for 20 years, you are going to have a real
bloody mess.  OK. I don't suggest that you leave it there for 20 years. All
I'm trying to do here is to show the difference of what happens with aging
and the aging process. Now, what does Mitochondria have to do with that?
Mitochondria are the packets, if you will, that really help and allows the
cells to do what they need to do. They allow the cells to work. All right.
If you have these Mitochondria that make the energy these little packets
that make energy. You're cell is not going to weaken. I liken this to
different cars. If you have a 200 horse powered car, a 400 horse powered
car, a 600 horse powered car, it's the engine you put a very different fuel
into the  car 200 powered vs. 400 powered. It is  recommended by that
manufacturer that you put a better fuel in. And I've driven 600 horse
powered and 700 horse powered car, so I know that. what PQQ does is that
gives the  Mitochondria a better fuel and people need to understand that if
you put that right fuel into your system that your engine, your cells are
going to run better. And as we age believe it or not, as  we age you need
to put a better fuel in. Not put a weaker octane fuel in. You need put a
better fuel in and I think that's where PQQ comes in that it is, in my
opinion, a much better fuel.

Dr. Derrick DeSilva discusses the benefits of PQQ and how it can help combat oxidation. Find out how that might help slow down aging.

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