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Interviewer: Can you explain or go into what you're planning for the future with your product?

Dr. Sigalit Zchut: We have, besides of course continuing to do our, you know, this is my side of the story--doing more science and more research and studying more about the benefits of krill oil, we are also going into higher grades, high potency grades, of krill oil is something that we would like to have and to also study. One of the differences between Enzymotec and other money factors is that fact that we have more than just one grade of krill oil. There is pure krill oil, which is solely krill, but we also have other grades of krill oil, which we call high potency. These types of grades are very special because we use our technology knowledge, know how, and we actually manage to maintain the same concentration of phospholipids that come from the krill oil with the EPA/DHA attached to them, and enhance the amount of triglycerides and increase the level of EPA and DHA. We actually are also looking at another study where we are going to test and to see the difference between the high potency and the pure krill, which will be very interesting and hopefully will have results in a few months from now. Besides that, we also have second generation krill, which is actually phosphatidylserine, which is derived from krill. As I said, krill oil is basically phospholipids, and it's primarily phosphatidylcholine. Well, we know how to take phosphatidylcholine from krill and turn it into phosphatidylserine, and we also tested it already in the past on children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, and we showed that this ingredient is helpful in helping those kids to be more calm and to concentrate, to be more focused.

Dr. Sigalit Zchut discusses her company's technology when it comes to krill oil. She talks about making a more potent and effective supplement.

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