The REAL Reason Flu Shots Are Recommended

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Scott: Going back to that story about 9% effectiveness in elderly in terms of the flu shot, that was in some major media, but it didn't get a whole lot of legs. There were other stories about health care workers getting fired for not getting the flu shot.

Robert Scott Bell: Yes.

Scott: Why doesn't this send up red flags? People go, "Hey, wait a second. The flu shot's not working here. Why should I get one? You're firing me?" It just doesn't make sense.

Robert Scott Bell: Well, there's a lot invested, as we may have mentioned before, in the pipeline, if you will, of new drugs that are really not looking very promising for that industry. It's about as profitable as anything on the planet. They really are desperately to the hopes that they can convince more and more of us that vaccinations are the way. 

If we can't vaccinate you for the flu, how about we vaccinate you for the human papilloma virus that we claim causes cervical cancer 20 or 30 years down the road, which is also another lie. It's an official story, there to protect the official profits of big pharma. So the question is: when is it when we wake up? They don't want you to. There's the mass media. We talk about if you call it a mainstream or the old media, the monopoly media, totally in bed with big pharma and also big government, the government regulators who have been purchased by these multinational corporations that have no allegiance to any nation or state, least of all your health or my health, except that they can make us permanent customers by force, in fact. 

This is the evolution of what we have not talked about since then: the passage of "Obamacare," as they call it. It strengthened the medical monopoly. It did not bring any natural medicine, true prevention, or anything that I perceive would be of benefit of those in need, but it merely strengthens the monopoly that was losing its grip on the people. They needed the force of government to corral everybody, keep them in line. That is what it has achieved, and it's only going to bankrupt this country further and faster.

Reports in 2013 state that flu shots were only 9% effective for the elderly. Yet some healthcare workers were dismissed for refusing to get them. Why are flu shots still highly recommended and even mandated? Robert Scott Bell has an opinion on why that is the case here.

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