Shocking Government Coverups Hiding Fluoride's Connection to Cancer!

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Scott: Doctor, one of the things you talk andwrite about is the connection between fluoride and cancer. Can you talk aboutthat a little bit, and how those two might be linked?

Dr. David Kennedy, DDS: They are linked.Fluoride is a powerful carcinogen, and what we have are acqienscent, regulatory bodies that are turninga blind eye to the plethora of research showing that research showing thatfluoride causes sister chromatid exchange. This is when this  cell goes todivide, the end of this ends up on that side. It says, wait a minute. That'snot right. That's a broken chromosone. It causes that. It causes all sorts ofchanges that look to any scientist like precancerous changes; and when you takerats, and you put them in a cage, and make them drink water with fluoride init, they end up with cancer of the little lip, where it touches the spigot; andthe tongue, where the stuff went by, the' throat, where it went down; and the liver,where it's metabolized; and the bone, where it accumulates. Tongue, throat,liver, and bone, and that's the National Toxicological Program Study of 1990 -actually done in '89. 

By 1990, the United States Public HealthService, the very people Congress did not trust to do the study, took the studyand changed every single cancer. Boy, if I ever end up in a hospital, I wantthem to work on my records, because they have made those rats look so healthy,you would have thought they were Olympic rats. They got all done, and they haddowngraded every single cancer those rats got two levels. 

The liver cancer became a benign tumor. Thetongue and throat, those are just dysplasias.  No, don't worry about that. Bone cancer , the biggest one, they said, oh, this is so big it wouldhave killed the rat. We've got to throw that one out. That couldn't possibly bethat big of a cancer. It is so big it would have killed the rat. So all of thatcame out as equivocal and they said, see, it's only equivocal evidence. Well, Idon't want something in my mouth that's got equivocal evidence ofcarcinogistic.

 Bill Marcus, Senior Toxicologist, Office ofDrinking Water, wrote a memo to his boss, and said, you know, we need to lookat the slides in-house, because these changes are not appropriate, and thelevel of bone in the rats bones was lower than humans; so these rats wereunderdosed. They didn't get enough fluroide for us to actually see its impact.They fired him. He sued them under the whistle-blower, and they said, well, hewas doing outside work on government time, but we got the time cards to proveit.

The judge says, well, could you bring them to mychambers? They've been shredded, Your Honor. Accidentally, of course; so that'scalled destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice. Every single witnessthat testified on Dr. Marcus's behalf had been intimidated by their employer atthe EPA. That's  called witness tampering. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

 Dr. David Kennedy, DDS: Dr. Marcus won hislawsuit, and got damages, as well. You read that in the local paper, didn'tyou? When the Senior Science Advisor Office of Drinking Water wins a lawsuit, you need to pay attention. One paper inthe whole United States covered it.

Then he went back to work. Not one single personin the EPA was punished for dismissing Dr. Marcus. They put him back to work atthe agency, they had him working by himself, and he said, I kind of enjoy that,because I get to give them the answer that seems appropriate. They didn't likethat, so they began to harass him, and he sued themagain; and he won again. So they are lying, when they say, fluoride doesn'tcause cancer. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. David Kennedy, DDS: If you want to talk toBill Marcus, he will tell you it is a powerful carcinogen. It causes bonecancer more readily than plutonium, which is the only thing he had been able tofind. His specialty is bone cancer, and that was the only thing he had beenable to find that would cause bone cancer on a regular basis, before somebodyshowed him that pure pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride does that quite wellin rats.

Scott: And the reason that's still used? Thesame as mercury, right? Money.

Dr. David Kennedy, DDS: Well, they don't use thesodium fluoride. They use silica fluoride, and they actually did a study on thewrong element. We're buying silica fluoride from China and Mexico, becauseneither of those countries, and Japan, neither of those countries will allow itin their water supply; so, that tells you something there. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. David Kennedy, DDS: And we also get it fromFlorida. Cargill,  the largest privately owned corporation in the world .. .

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. David Kennedy: . . . generates that. 

Bill Marcus pointed out, one of the reasons thatthey are able to, with impunity, damage the reputation of scientists and pullpeople from jobs that had tenure and security, is because fluoride is anelement that's considered a National Security risk. We have a mechanism forputting elements on that list, and this was but on in 1942, because it is themeans of extracting uranium to make a bomb. We are not doing that anymore, andthere's no mechanism for removing an element from an element of NationalSecuirity importance. So they can pull the National Security card, and say,well, it can cause cancer, but we don't care. It is important to the defense ofour nation.  

And I'm saying, if this element is destroyingthe brains of the children, allowing lead to creep into their bloodstream,combined with the mercury causing 16,000 babies a year to die, and that's thecanary in the mine, the rest of us miners are still getting it too, because wehave got MS, MLS, Parkinsons, Lou Gehrigs, you name it - then it is time for usto address the issue of National Security protecting the children first;because if you don't protect your children, you will lose your country. That isexactly what we are doing in this one. Our government agencies policies aredestroying the health of our children and the place of our country in theworld.



Dr. David Kennedy discusses the connection between fluoride in drinking water and cancer. He illustrates a number of studies that have been falsified to show no connection between the two. Also find out where this country gets its fluoride and how. You might be shocked to know how it's produced.

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