Should You Vaccinate Your Kids?

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Interviewer: Let's go back a little bit to pre-vaccine. And what would your advice be to parents thinking of having children, or pregnant moms and dads that are getting ready to have a baby, and that vaccine schedule is going to be there . . . 

Robert Scott Bell: Yeah.

Interviewer: . . . as soon as that baby comes out. Three months, six months, nine months; boom, boom, boom. 

Robert Scott Bell: Yeah.

Interviewer: What would your advice be to them about those vaccines?

Robert Scott Bell: Well, on the Robert Scott Bell Show we came up with a great idea here to help doctors out as well that really were kind of on the fence and looking, "Which way should I go in working with these parents with these kids?" 

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Robert Scott Bell: We came up with a vaccine buy-back program. You've heard of gun buy-back programs? We thought, "All right. Look, let's let the doctor's off the hook here. If they just turn in their vaccines, those syringes that are so damaging and dangerous to children, we won't prosecute, we won't do anything; and will, in fact, be grateful. They will have a clear conscience. And also, if they feel that they need it for genuine protection, we will provide them with a hand gun; the second amendment which is generally there for protection in this case.

Now, I know that sounds outrageous to some, but I go back to my good friend Michael Badnark (ph) who ran for president in 2004. He was a libertarian presidential nominee. When he was talking about mandatory vaccines as he got the nomination, I interviewed him on my show. He says, "Well, here's what I have to say about that. Doctor you bring my syringe, I'll bring my 45 and we'll see who makes a bigger hole." And I note, again, this is inflammatory language. Well, is it? If you perceive as I do and acknowledge the danger, the potential life terminating interactions with vaccines, you must realize as you young parents have an obligation to defend your child's life. These physicians, whether they mean to or not, I'm not saying their evil potentially. Potentially could take your child's life by this syringe and what is in it? You don't know.

They say it's one in a million. Well, when it's your kid and you're the one, it's one and one. And so I say,"Listen, think very long and hard and, please, before you have kids talk to your spouse. Get on the same page here." It's the most heartbreaking thing when I see parents, young parents, that didn't discuss the issue of vaccination and one finally wakes up, the other doesn't. They end up in really difficult situations. Divorces even. Fighting with the courts and the courts always side with the vaccine industrial complex. So please get on the same page here. My kids, 13 now and 7 and a half, not vaccinated and never once have we had to resort to an antibiotic. There are ways to address this. And I'm not saying there's never a place for modern medicine. I've never said that. But the point is, if you don't need it, you're much better off.

What should parents do when it comes to the decision of whether or not to vaccinate your kids? There is plenty of pressure to do it right after birth. Robert Scott Bell has some advice for parents or expecting parents when it comes to vaccinations.

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