Sunscreens Cause Cancer Instead of Protect You From It!

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Interviewer: So Doctor, are there any benefitsto sunscreen. We're bombarded with information that we have to use sunscreen,have to use sunscreen. Is there any thing you see?

Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S. NCMP, PhD.: It is soamazing. It is the exact opposite of what we have been told, because theyactually increase cancer. They actually increase aging. Because what they causein the skin when they are applied to the titanium nano particles, they causewhat is called reactive oxygen species, or ROS. Those ROS actually causes skinaging. They actually damage collagen, elastin, and increase the aging of theskin and they also lead to DNA damage that can lead to the cancer. So, they areactually doing the exact opposite of what we have been told that they do.

Interviewer: So, what should people do thatspend a lot of time in the sun?

Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S. NCMP, PhD.:Antioxidants are the answers. Antioxidants act exactly the same as thesunscreens. In my book, I have a whole chapter of all of the antioxidants thathave been proven to be protective, to act just like a sun screen and there'smany of them. There really are.

Our skin is so well designed that when the solarrays hit it, the antioxidants that are in the body, actually move up andperform a protective shield and act just like a sun screen. If we have a highantioxidant diet which is not only good for our skin, but it's good for ourwhole body, we can protect ourselves from a sunscreen. I have had many peoplesince the book has been out, to come up to me and tell me I used an XYZ antioxidant, and went out and did not burn at all even in Hawaiian sun. 

So, it really is the answer and these arenatural. They're not these chemicals that are causing huge reproductivetoxicity to the fish. It shows up in the fish. The fish actually become intersexed. They even quit spawning. The testicles even have eggsdeveloping in them. The ovary egg department even has testicle material formingin them. This happens to, the mice get male reproductive organ problems becausethey act more like an estrogen and an anti-testosterone, so there's moreproblems with the male reproductive tract development. 

We are seeing this in mice and fish and we'realso seeing a huge rise in testicular cancer and in male infertility. They areputting these back to problems of development in the uterus. They keep beingsuspicioning these endocrine disrupting chemicals that are in the environment.These sun screens absolutely are. So there is difficulty in the normaldevelopment of the male reproductive tract which leads to that later.


Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses the dangers of sunscreens. She said that even though we're told to use them to protect our skin, they end up doing the opposite. She has some advice on how to better protect your skin and your overall health, naturally.

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