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Could something as simple as a dietary supplement affect human behavior?  That answer is ‘yes’ according to a recent study done in Massachusetts.

The study found that giving children omega-3 fatty acid supplements reduced disruptive behavior, which also had a positive effect on their parents making arguments and other verbal abuse less likely.  Omega-3s are thought to be important in the development and support of brain health in both children and adults.

The same group is now looking at how acquiring a low resting heart rate may also affect social behavior.

The search for answers in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease continues… and new research out of Pennsylvania is offering another small clue.  The team looked at a kind of lipid created in the liver called plasmalogens.  They are sent through the blood stream as lipoprotein and transport cholesterol and other lipids to and from cells and tissues throughout the body, including the brain.  The team found that a lower level of plasmalogens were associated with a higher likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognition issues.

As we age, the liver struggles to make enough of these lipids… but the same is true with obesity and diabetes where the liver has to work harder to break down fatty acids… which relates to fewer plasmalogens and a potential increase in Alzheimer’s risk.

Finally… this last item might not come as much of a surprise… but a recent study is further linking healthy eating… physical activity and lower alcohol consumption with a reduced overall cancer risk.

Two groups behind the study estimated that in developed countries… 35 percent of breast cancers and 45 percent of colorectal cancers could be avoided by adhering to these nutritional recommendations.

One of the authors concluded that a healthy diet was more significant than any single dietary recommendation… and that there is strong evidence that alcohol consumption increases the risk of several cancers including liver… colorectal and post-menopausal breast cancer.

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Can a supplement affect human behavior? One study is showing that it might be true. Also learn more about the search for clues into Alzheimer's disease. And find out what you can be doing to help prevent cancer!

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