These Events and Vaccines Can Cause Cancer

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Scott: Doctor, you mentioned if you're over 25years old, and you get cancer, there was probably an emotional, traumatic eventat some point. Can you touch on that a little bit? On how they're related?

Cal Streeter: Yes. The white blood cells, thoseT-lymphocytes and natural killer cells.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Cal Streeter: That's what they are, naturalkiller cells. Very emotionally labile. And if you have a bitter spirit, ahateful spirit, an emotionally stressful experience that shuts those cells downfor a period of time, then you get a buildup of cancer cells. They go to aweakened area and they form a tumor. We know that. In women, the cancer cellsland in the breast, in the uterus, in the ovaries. Those are irritated areas.In the man, it's the prostate and the rectum. Smokers, it's in the lungs. It'snot rocket science, it's pretty straightforward. 

Now, that's over 25. If you're under 25, and youget a malignant disease or a degenerative disease, chalk it up toimmunizations, vaccination.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Cal Streeter: You've had Tenpenny here. Dr.Tenpenny. 

Scott: Yeah. I've talked to her.

Cal Streeter: Good friend. I asked her one dayif she'd lecture, and I asked her at the end of the lecture. That's the nightwe had a nurse that came to the lecture and tried to take over the program, andI kicked her out of the place. Okay? I told her, I said, "You pay for ameeting that you can come shoot off your mouth. This is Dr. Tenpenny. You needto get up and leave." She didn't like me very well. That was my area.Okay?  But I said, "Dr. Tenpenny, what would knock the immune systemdown in somebody that's under 25, 21, 25 years of age? Besidesvaccinations?" And she said, "Nothing."

Scott: And those are the things that aresupposed to boost your immune system. 

Cal Streeter: I know. I keep my patients fromgetting vaccinations until they weigh 25 pounds. And I tell the family members,Read everything you can read. And then come tell me what vaccination you wantto get. I'm not against vaccinations. I'm just against putting three of themtogether and giving them to little bitty kids. Okay? Their little immunesystems can't handle that. 

They've made vaccinations voluntary inAustralia, 19 years ago. Their SIDS deaths are gone. Their autisms are at anall time low. ADD and ADHD are hardly heard of anymore. We wouldn't be so smarthere. Okay? 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Cal Streeter: It's called money. The only thingdumber than that is the flu vaccine we give to senior citizens that's a littlebit mercury. Ought to be good for our brain. 

Scott:  But you need that, every Fall.

Cal Streeter: Oh, yeah 

Scott: Everybody does.

Cal Streeter: Selenium is the best preventer offlu you'll ever find. There was an article in Acres USA in 2008. Bird fludisarmed by selenium. Read the whole article. It said in there viral organismscan only attack humans if they mutate, and they always mutate in a seleniumdeficient home. Isn't that interesting? I heard Dr. Wallach say that he took1000 micrograms of selenium. I raised my hand. I was, like, "Wallach, howcome you take so much selenium?" He said, "In the 1940s, we found outanimals that got malignant tumors were all selenium deficient. I'm never goingto get one of those." Cocky little rascal.



Dr. Cal Streeter describes how emotional and traumatic events can lead to cancer, especially in people over 25 years of age. Dr. Streeter also explains how those younger than 25 get cancer.

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